At BlizzCon 2018 we sat down with the team behind the upcoming mobile game Diablo Immortal to talk about bringing the franchise to an even smaller screen.
Talking Diablo Immortal with Blizzard
Plus, of course, plenty of B.O.B. - Ashe’s trusty Omnic sidekick.
Talking Overwatch and the 29th Hero Ashe with Jeff Kaplan
Our in-depth conversation with with Microsoft’s Chris Charla, the head of its indie platform – ID@Xbox.
In Conversation - Talking Indies and More with Chris Charla
We go through the history of Alienware, the rise of esports, and becoming the market leader with co-founder Frank Azor.
Ahead of the Curve - The Alienware Story
Friday, 16 November 2018
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From the studio that created this year's excellent Spider-Man for PlayStation 4, it's previous Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam tomorrow. The announcement was made via Twitter and comes after recent speculation that the title would be getting a PC release soon.

Thursday, 15 November 2018
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The competitive juggernaut that is Rainbow Six Siege shows no signs of slowing down. Not even a little. Ubisoft has revealed that the game is now played by 40 million players globally across all platforms and in celebration of this, a free weekend for the game for those of you late to the party, kicks off this weekend from November 16.

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Fallout 76 is now officially out in the wild, with Reclamation Day celebrations happening across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Although playable in beta form for the past several weeks, due to the weird ANZ times (I'm not a morning person) and short bursts - like everyone else out there reviewers had to wait until launch to really dive into the new multiplayer Fallout experience.

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We mentioned that at Microsoft's X018 showcase that mouse and keyboard support would be made available, and as of the Xbox One November update -- available now -- that promise is very much real.

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Last month EA asked fans of the Command & Conquer series what they would like to see in a potential remake - hinting that such a project was in the works. Well, today it's official. A Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is now in the works that will include both Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

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With Battlefield V deploying its DXR ray tracing patch, making it the first game to utilise the groundbreaking technology that is part of NVIDIA's new RTX line of GPUs. Square Enix is also updating its Final Fantasy XV benchmark tool that will add DLSS support - the AI powered rendering technique that offers massive performance gains. Plus, a welcome surprise update for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018
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With a process that was unlike any hero added to game so far - in that Ashe was born entirely from her addition to the latest Overwatch animated short 'Reunion' starring McCree. As BlizzCon we had the chance to sit down with game director Jeff Kaplan to talk about all things Ashe. And B.O.B.

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Our NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti has so far been a powerhouse when it comes to 4K gaming on PC - pushing frame-rates that until recently wasn't possible. We're talking Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus at over 120 frames-per-second. In 4K. Not breaking a sweat. Battlefield V looking and running amazingly too, with the best HDR implementation we've ever seen.

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It's been out on PC now for a while, and a little ways back we shared news with you that Unknown Worlds had teamed up with console port specialists, Panic Button, to help them navigate the waters of console development to ensure a competent release on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Now Unknown Worlds has *kind of* revealed the game's December release date.

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Which admittedly is a little vague outside of gorgeous scenery shots, but the setting looks perfect for what is being described as a "first-person Fjord Noir mystery set in 1920s Norway". The story is set in a peaceful coastal community where you begin your search for your missing sister.

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At PAX Australia this year we had the opportunity to chat with Microsoft’s Chris Charla, the head of its indie platform – ID@Xbox. Which recently, hit an impressive 1,000 game milestone. According to Chris, since the program began over five years ago the overall goal hasn’t changed. Nor will it in the future. And that is, to make the process of releasing a game on the Xbox platform, for an independent developer, as easy as it could possibly be.

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Described as the first of seven new DLC adventures for the excellent Shadow of the Tomb Raider, 'The Forge' changes things up by introducing a large Challenge Tomb that can be tackled alone or in co-op. A first for the re-imagined Tomb Raider trilogy, and it's available now for Season Pass owners and sold separately.

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And with a headline like that you might be picturing an old timey mom and pop store giving away free classic games to the local kids in neighbourhood. Of course, it's not that - but a pair of popular ROM sites and that offered up copies of free Nintendo games among others for people to emulate classic hardware and play them.

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Whether you’re in the market for an entry-level or affordable gaming laptop, or someone well versed in the concept of high-performance specs that requires the sort of keyboard that will not only register every keystroke but also light up in a technicolour display of AlienFX lighting – Alienware and Dell Gaming have got you covered.

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After a spot of trouble where it looked like IO Interactive's Hitman series may not continue comes the release of Hitman 2 - the follow-up to the episodic Hitman for PC and consoles. With Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment handling distribution Hitman 2 continues to expand and grow the assassination sandbox experience for modern hardware.

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December 7, which puts its PS4 debut in-line with the 12-month console-exclusivity deal Microsoft had for the popular battle-royale game on Xbox One. The PS4 edition will essentially be the same as the Xbox One version but with a couple of neat cosmetic items exclusive to the console for those who pre-order - including a Nathan Drake Desert Outfit.

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In the new expansion dropping next month, Path of Exile: Betrayal will see players teaming up with Jun Ortoi to investigate and hunt down the Immortal Syndicate. This will see players jump into different encounters - Fortification, Transportation, Research, and Intervention - and then manipulate the Immortal Syndicate through betrayal, violence, and interrogation. It's a fascinating new way to play the popular action-RPG.

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With both games scoring eight nominations each, including the Game of the Year - where we could honestly see it going either way. That being said it has been a fantastic year for games with both Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and indie darling Celeste snagging four nominations each, alongside seven for Marvel's Spider-Man and three for Capcom's Monster Hunter: World.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018
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A name that has been around for over two decades, we go through the history of Alienware, the rise of esports, and becoming the market leader with co-founder Frank Azor.

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With Fallout 76 out this week, the online multiplayer survival game set in the Fallout universe definitely has a feel all to itself. It's not quite an MMO nor is it simply Fallout 5, instead it's multiplayer Fallout with a huge number of features that set it apart from any other game in the series. Something that Bethesda are well aware of, and a game from the studio that will continue to evolve and change over time.

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