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So here we are, a few weeks after release, with our review of Fallout 76.
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Friday, 30 November 2018
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BioWare's Anthem is not only a big title for EA and the studio but in many ways a release that people are curious to see if it can live up to the hype. Which is a direct result of the studio's last game Mass Effect: Andromeda receiving a lukewarm response from fans and critics. A Closed Alpha test is planned for the weekend of December 8-9 across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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And motorbike games aren't really 10 cents a dozen (see what I did there, cobbers?). Milestone's long-running dedicated motorbike series has entered its third official phase, with over 230 bikes and a crazy amount of customisation, RIDE 3 has taken the series to a new level.

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Affectionately named the "PS VR Mega Pack", Sony's new PlayStation VR bundle includes the VR headset, the PlayStation Camera and five games, including the critically acclaimed ASTRO Bot: Rescue Mission.

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And that's clothing, in case you didn't realise. Available exclusively through the Barking Irons Online Store, these Arthur Morgan inspired duds are what every good hipster or diehard fan of the game needs.

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When it comes to competitive games within Blizzard's own stable, Hearthstone presents as its own unique beast. At BlizzCon just gone, Team China overran favourites Brazil in the Grand Finals of the Hearthstone Global Games, while two seasonal champs have been crowned at both the Summer and Fall (Autumn) Championships in 2018. 200,000 players attended 25 Tour Stops for the game, and when the game's Year of the Raven event wraps, Blizzard will have handed over USD$2.8 million in prize money.

Now, however, Blizzard has bigger ideas for the game's competitive side in 2019.

Thursday, 29 November 2018
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Chalk this one up to a "probably not" but we're posting it mainly because we can't wait to see what Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady has in store for its next game. Arkham Knight was released back in 2015, so it's been a minute. Superman: World’s Finest , which is a very cool title, is rumoured to be the studio's next title and the internet is, as they say, abuzz with renewed hype.

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Until the arrival of the flagship NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti making the jump from 1080p to 1440p and then a full 4K resolution frame-rates went from a noticeable dip to a massive plunge. Although pricey and with next-gen features that have yet to be fully realised by software, the 2080 Ti offers up 4K gaming the likes of which the industry hasn't seen before.

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With both titles available to PlayStation 4 next month. SOMA comes from the team behind the creepy Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and with the sci-fi setting it also looks as cool as it does creepy. Onrush, despite looking like a straightforward arcade racer - as per our review - is a very different racing game.

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Look, here's the thing. I don't understand cricket, you gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket. But big heads, arcade action, and pick-up-and-ply mechanics - well that's easily understandable.

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Next week too, on December 5. This is one that caught our eye mainly because we fondly remember playing Destruction Derby on PC sometime in the mid-1990s. The goal was simple, smash the other cars and try to be the last set of wheels standing. A battle royal if you will. And so, a mode like this coming to The Crew 2 - is something we'll be checking out because the description sounds exactly the same.

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That being sometime in 2019 for the crowdfunded realistic shooter we first heard about just over a year ago. The new gameplay trailer comes as part of a new announcement with publisher Team17 that also confirms that the size and scope of the project remains unchanged. A huge 1:1 scale map with two teams of 50 battling out in a realistic environment, with realistic weaponry and hardware.

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Well it finally happened. An actual new game release from Valve on Steam, with the arrival of its trading card game Artifact - the studio's collaboration with “Magic: The Gathering” creator Richard Garfield. Although set in the DOTA 2 universe, Artifact is not free-to-play, but features a real-money trading system, in addition to mechanics and gameplay that on the surface represent a far more complex game than what you'd might expect.

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A year ago it was revealed that Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, co-creators of Fallout, were working on a new RPG project at Obsidian. As part of a new initiative from Take-Two Interactive. Fast forward to today and the studio's official site has a countdown to next week's The Game Awards presentation with the tagline "It's not the best choice, it's Spacer's Choice!"

Wednesday, 28 November 2018
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Or tomorrow, sometimes it's hard to figure out conversions and all that. But hey, you're an Aussie games site and that's why we come to you? Okay fine, after server maintenance and the update the rollout of Shrouded Spoils should go live overnight at roughly 1am AEST. Making it a mix of tonight and tomorrow. Anyway, this a big one because in addition to the new and expanded weather system this update brings many of the most wanted items to the world.

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So here we are, a few weeks after release, with our review of Fallout 76. After spending several hours in post-apocalyptic West Virginia, with a plan to play for a lot more - is it as bad as internet sentiment would have you believe? Well, reviews are an opinion. That said, Fallout 76 is heavily flawed. Fun, but, yeah. It's got problems.

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Including updates on existing titles. Looking at last year's show as a guide, we can probably expect to see a mix of big AAA like projects in addition to smaller indie fare. Also like with last year's show for most of the announcements we should also plan not to see or hear anything else about them for the next calendar year.

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The first of three planned episodes, called Hunted, for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey's Legacy of the First Blade expansion is set to arrive next week. The new story, which will take place across the game's huge Greek landscape will focus on Darius, the first to wield the Assassin’s Hidden Blade.

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Those who grew up in the 1990s and remember a time when TV's were as thick as they were wide, will recall that the world was split into two categories - NTSC and PAL. Which was all about video signal with NTSC being lower quality but 60Hz and PAL being higher quality but at 50Hz. We had PAL in Australia.

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We reviewed Q.U.B.E. 2 earlier this year and were impressed with its Portal-like design and focus on puzzles in clean and impressive sci-fi locations. So it's great that it'll be available all month as part of December's Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup.

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Promising weekly 'Inside the Vault' development updates to keep the community updated on what it's working on in addition to addressing Fallout 76 feedback. The first Inside the Vault doesn't address the criticisms laid at the state of Fallout 76 in terms of bugs and, well, performance. But it outlines that a stash size increase and several PC specific features are coming in the next couple of weeks.

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