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Monday, 16 October 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 01:21pm 16/10/17 | 1 Comments

According to the latest SteamCharts numbers, Boss Key Production's LawBreakers isn't faring too well when it comes to people actually, you know, playing the game. In the last 24-hours the peak player count was 105. For an online shooter that's not good. Review-wise LawBreakers was well received, so what went wrong? In a new interview over at Gamespot, Boss Key head honcho Cliff Bleszinski opens up about the state of the game.

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Hamilton will appear in Gran Turismo Sport as a mentor to players to share his racing knowledge and hopefully help them improve their driving technique. The three-time Formula 1 World Champion will reveal all his driving knowledge via images and interviews for players. Very cool, especially when Hamilton himself grew up playing Gran Turismo.

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All the Wrasslin' fans out there, this one's for you. Available now via the Digital Deluxe Johnathan Cena Edition or tomorrow as a Standard Edition, 2K's WWE 2K18 is finally here to suplex or pile-drive its way onto your console of choice. See, I know my Wrasslin' terms. Of course if your console of choice is the Nintendo Switch you'll have to wait until sometime this spring. Anyway, launch trailer after the jump!

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Thanks to the lovely people at Starbreeze Studios we've got THREE copies of the upcoming RAID: World War II on PS4 to give away! RAID: World War II is an action-packed four player cooperative shooter for the creators of Payday, set during a time when the Nazi war machine was still winning - aka the height of World War II.

Friday, 13 October 2017
Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:47pm 13/10/17 | 0 Comments

With large 53mm drivers it's hard not to walk away impressed with the ASUS Cerberus V2 headset. Especially when you can find them fairly reasonably priced online for well under $100 AUD. So what else do you get? Well, a solid build that blends comfortable cushions, a metallic and plastic finish, plus nice touches like a detachable mic.

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The Evil Within 2 from Bethesda and Tango Gameworks, brings another dose of intense survival horror to the word on the most spookiest of dates - Friday the 13th. The sequel continues the story of Sebastian Castellanos as he confronts unspeakable horrors within the nightmare world of the infamous STEM.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:15pm 13/10/17 | 2 Comments

Developer NeocoreGames has partnered with publisher Bigben to bring the action-RPG Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr to Xbox One and Playstation 4. Which will launch alongside the PC version in Q1 of 2018. Already available as an Early Access title on Steam the game has gone through a number of changes since its initial debut.

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To be an audiophile is to transcend the mortal realm and join the ranks of angels or some other form of higher being. An alien perhaps. The point is, if you're serious about gaming or watching movies or listening to music - sound is just as important as what's displayed on screen. Aaron Jones knows this, so he's brought us his review of the Creative Sound BlasterX G5.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:45pm 13/10/17 | 0 Comments

After the recent release of the new Necromancer class we didn't expect Diablo III to get any sort of major update for a while, especially not with the game moving from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1. But it looks like the next patch will be huge as it sets to balance a number of items and builds to bring them more in line with the end game.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:11pm 13/10/17 | 0 Comments

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2 is set to drop October 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). It continues the prequel Life is Strange story of Chloe that began with the solid first ep from about a month or so ago.

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