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Starfield is huge, and even though only 10% of the game's 1,000 planets to explore are not classed as 'Barren,' there's just something about landing on a desolate rock or mass and walking around. Very early on, the game lets you fully explore the Sol System - and that's what I did, checking out the harsh conditions on Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth.

Consider this a spoiler-free bit of planetary landscape eye-candy - outside of being a glimpse at the state of our homeworld in the year 2330. All footage was captured with the PC version running max settings at 60 fps with a GeForce RTX 4090. Check it out.

A snippet from our Review In Progress.

Starfield is a step ahead in how it embraces its role-playing nature beyond joining various factions and being either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ when it comes to making choices that might affect the lives of others. The detailed skill tree offers a long list of game-changing abilities to choose from, each feeling meaningful and useful, and there’s this level of diversity across the social, exploration, creation, and combat sides.

This then ties into what to do; even though Starfield features a compelling main story, alongside several fantastic side quests and faction questlines to work your way through slowly - you can just as easily spend several hours (like I did) exploring barren and sparse planets simply because it felt like a frontier that deserved discovery.

Ultimately, you can feel the thought and care poured into every corner of Starfield, from the lore to the discovery of the fate of humanity and its colonies in the year 2330 - it’s science fiction bliss.

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