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Monday, 5 February 2018
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Crytek's impressive new multiplayer title Hunt: Showdown began its Closed Alpha the other day and early word pegs it as truly impressive. And to showcase exactly what a typical Hunt: Showdown match looks like we've got a tutorial video that goes through the basics of what you can expect.

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And no this isn't simply broadcasting events in cinemas, which has been a popular way to watch esports events over the years, but actual arenas. In HOYTS venues. Across Australia. A brilliant move, and one that will kick off in April at the Entertainment Quarter in Sydney’s Moore Park.

Saturday, 3 February 2018
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Where we continue our countdown of the best videogame soundtracks of all time, bringing you numbers 30 through 21. Once again this batch covers a wide range of genres, platforms, and time periods. From the arcade scene of the mid-1980s through to two examples of classic first-person experiences - one on PC and one for consoles.

Friday, 2 February 2018
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Launching February 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam), Kingdom Come: Deliverance from Warhorse Studios and Deep Silver is set to be one of the most impressive RPG releases of the year. A huge open world, realistic medieval setting, cinematic and gritty story, and a huge backdrop of war. Like The Witcher, but without the magic.

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Who worked on Killer Instinct. And with that knowledge in hand, the pre-rendered characters and slightly choppy animation makes a lot more sense. That being said, the trailer for Raging Justice is full of quick cuts and zooms, making it hard to get a picture of what even a small slice of gameplay actually looks like. So this could turn out either way.

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For many Red Dead Redemption 2 represents THE game for 2018, a new open world western from Rockstar that for the most part is still shrouded in secrecy. Outside of a few teaser trailers and screenshots. Today, Rockstar announced a release date - October 26, 2018. Sure, it might be later than expected but it's now time to officially start the countdown.

Thursday, 1 February 2018
Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:31pm 01/02/18 | 0 Comments

Sony Studios Japan and Bluepoint Games have teamed up to deliver the ultimate visual version of the 2005 PS2 classic from Fumito Ueda, Shadow of the Colossus. And boy, is it a graphical treat. We're just not entirely sure they should have stopped only at making it look incredible. Read on to learn more.

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And as it's partnering with Illumination Entertainment, a division of Universal Studios, this time it'll most likely be an animated affair. And not a live-action fever dream of insanity, as found in 1993's Super Mario Bros.. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto will serve as co-producer on the project alongside Hollywood veteran Christopher Meledandri.

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When it comes to audio, going wire-free is a bit of a sticky subject. In that audiophiles out there will tell you that sound is meant to travel across wires. And not through the air like magic. Anyway, when it comes to comfortable gaming headsets the new HyperX Cloud Flight is an interesting and worthwhile investment. Lightweight, comfortable, great sound. And wireless.

Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:05pm 01/02/18 | 3 Comments

That, just like the recent trend of classic consoles given the Honey I Shrunk The Kids treatment, miniaturises the classic home computer from 1982 that connected to TV screens. Launching March 29, for $149.95 (according to EB Games) The C64 Mini comes from Retro Games Ltd, Koch Media, and local distributor Five Star Games. That naturally, comes pre-loaded with 64 classic C64 games.

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Coming alongside Version 1.0 of PUGB late last year on PC was the highly anticipated new desert-themed map Miramar. But, since that time players haven't been all that happy with it, and in the absence of map selection went so far as to delete files in order to skip being put into a Miramar match. The latest update looks to change that and "improve the engagement experience" across Miramar.

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With 14.86 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold since its launch in March of 2017. Which means that in less than a year the Switch has sold more than the Wii U managed to shift in five - that being around 13.5 million consoles. Astounding really, with the Nintendo Switch quickly becoming one of Nintendo's most successful home consoles.

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And it's called It Lurks Below. Which blends retro visuals with RPG mechanics and inspiration from indie creative hits like Terraria and Minecraft. Developed by David Brevik, and his one-man studio Greybeard Games, it marks his first release since 2013. It Lurks Below gameplay footage will be streamed this weekend on his Twitch channel.

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At the Game Developer's Conference this year the Pioneer Award was apparently going to be given to Atari co-founder and industry icon Nolan Bushnell. A tweet from the GDC confirms that there will be no award given out this year, with speculation confirmed by Bushnell as the reason being due to allegations of sexist behaviour.

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Sony announced the line-up of free games coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers in February, including one of the early PS4 showcases Knack and the very cool indie RiMe - which we reviewed here. Also coming for PlayStation VR owners is the multiplayer shooter StarBlood Arena.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018
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Where the top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams will compete at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney on May 4-6 for their share of a record prize pool of USD $250,000. Which is around $310,000 Aussie dollarydoos. This year's IEM Sydney follows on from the success of last year, which drew huge crowds and an online audience of close to 8 million.

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Another Tweet from Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah E. Needleman, confirms the rumour from last week that the new BioWare game Anthem is indeed now scheduled for release in early 2019. In its place? A new Battlefield game currently scheduled for October. Which, is pretty awesome news considering how great Battlefield 1 turned out.

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Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, EA's Blake Jorgensen notes that the controversy surrounding the progression and micro-transaction systems in Star Wars Battlefront II was the reason it sold 9 million copies. As opposed to the projected 10 million. That being said EA are still planning on re-introducing microtransactions to the game. Eventually.

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With pretty impressive results, as highlighted in the new teaser trailer. Insurgency: Sandstorm sees the sleeper hit also make its debut on PS4 and Xbox One in addition to PC. The new version also sees new co-op and versus game modes, in what is a realistic tactical shooter along the lines of Counter Strike.

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Last year's Gran Turismo Sport was a little lacking at launch, with limited cars and no real offline events. Well, that's changed and continuing the updates comes version 1.11 of GT Sport which introduces 10 new cars, tracks, and league events.

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