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"I invite you to join me as we explore Scorn's mesmerising labyrinth of odd forms and sombre tapestries," says Doug Bradley, who played the iconic Pinhead in the Hellraiser films. Scorn, a living love-letter to H.R. Giger, is a shooter with a difference that goes beyond the standout aesthetic of the aforementioned late artist and challenges players to absorb a living, breathing space where nothing is as it seems.

The game is being published through Kepler Interactive and is developed by Ebb Software, who has been working on it now for a number of years.

Here's some official information:
Scorn drops its players into a nightmarish, dream-like world unlike any they’ve encountered before. With grotesque visuals inspired by the works of H.R. Giger, the goal in Scorn is to guide an unfortunate creature through a biomechanical labyrinth world on a journey of self-discovery. However, the ruins of whatever civilisation existed there before, as well as the foul abominations calling the ruined halls their home, stand in its way.

By solving its puzzles and interacting with its strange denizens, players will make their way through Scorn’s various themed areas. Navigate a world of striking visuals, unlock the secrets of its cruel machines, and come to understand what exactly the world of Scorn is and how your own fetid character fits into it.

Key Features
  • An Ancient Alien World. Explore a visually impactful world walled with flesh and chitin, vast spaces populated by strange characters and the desolate, haunting imagery that populates Scorn’s world. Though it may appear to be dead, everything in the world has a purpose.

  • Full Immersion. Experience total immersion in Scorn’s dream-like world with total body awareness. Objects are picked up with your hands and machines are visibly operated.

  • Discover Devious Puzzles. With many of its doors locked, the only way forward in Scorn is to piece together the workings of its various contraptions. Use various items and skills to work through puzzles with unclear consequences and progress through Scorn.

  • Pick Your Fights. With only three weapons to defend yourself with and a limited supply of ammunition, every fight in Scorn needs to be approached with resources in mind. Fire off too many shots at an abomination that is no threat and you may not have the means to defend yourself later.
Scorn is scheduled to release this October 21 on PC and Xbox Series X|S and will be available from day on Game Pass.

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