At QuakeCon 2018 we had the chance to sit down with id Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin to chat about DOOM Eternal.
Talking DOOM Eternal with id Software
At Gamescom we went hands-on with a new PvE addition to For Honor that offers up a shortened, yet visceral experience.
For Honor’s New Arcade PvE Mode is Bite-Sized Fun
At QuakeCon 2018 we got the chance to both go hands-on with id Software and Avalanche Studios' Rage 2 and then speak to Tim Willits
Rage 2 – Gameplay Capture and Talking to id Software
After getting banned and then un-banned in Australia, the long-awaited We Happy Few has finally been released. But, was the wait worth it?
We Happy Few Review - Frustration and Joy
Monday, 20 August 2018
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These being the lightweight and comfortable Plantronics RIG 300 Series with SoundGuard acoustic safety technology (which detects and corrects audio spikes) available mid-September for $59.95 AUD, and the Plantronics RIG 400 PRO HC that switches things up for a circular cup design and a greater focus on comfort for $99.95 AUD - available August 31.

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At QuakeCon 2018 we had the chance to sit down with id Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin to chat about DOOM Eternal. Even though it was hours after the explosive gameplay reveal, we were still a little speechless about what we saw. Clearly an impressive debut, even for id Software, and one we were keen to learn a bit more about.

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A surprise 2018 hardware release from Microsoft, the Classic IntelliMouse brings back a design and product not seen in over a decade. At a time when the market for an affordable high-performance performance mouse has reached an almost breaking point.

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After a few years as an Early Access title, and a pivot to flesh out and provide a deeper story to match its visually stunning debut from a while ago, We Happy Few is finally out in the wild. Even after briefly getting banned in Australia a little while ago due to its depiction of drug use. So then, has the wait been worth it?

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At QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda Game Studios was on hand to talk at length about its next release – Fallout 76. We were on hand with a notebook ready to jot down the seemingly countless number of new revelations that came from the presentation. Here's a summary of everything we learned.

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Nvidia, AMD, and now Intel. And for some reason, it felt like now was the time to tease the project - without offering any real info as to whether it'll be specced for high-end gaming or simple productivity. Either way it's an interesting move from Intel, and the fact that it'll be dedicated GPU means we can expect something more substantial than Intel's own integrated graphics that come included with its range of CPUs.

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At QuakeCon this year not only did we have the pleasure of witnessing the electrifying DOOM Eternal reveal in person, but we also had the opportunity to chat with id Software's Marty Stratton about development on the highly anticipated sequel. When discussing the name itself, Marty brought up one of the team's biggest regrets with DOOM (2016) - and how Eternal would not make the same mistake twice.

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After four years on sale, Forza Horizon 2 is set to be removed from the Microsoft Store as of September 30. A weird bit of news that was made by Turn 10's Brian Ekberg as part of a recent All Things Forza-themed update. No reason was given, but speculation points to a limited licensing deal - probably with Lamborghini - that means a four-year life-span for each entry in the Forza Horizon series.

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In that the conceit for the next bit of DLC coming to Far Cry 5 is players fighting hordes of zombies on movie-themed maps created by a fake movie director called Guy Marvel. From a basic setup point of view the whole fake B-Movie vibe is definitely Left 4 Dead, and in the teaser trailer we get to see glimpses of a few of the fake film scenarios in Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies.

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In an age where games are released as gold, limited, day one, special, or what have you - it's refreshing to see a collector's edition that is simply that. For collectors. With the surprisingly brilliant looking Resident Evil 2 Remake due for release on January 25, 2019 - Capcom are celebrating the release with a limited, expensive, and extensive Collector's Edition.

Friday, 17 August 2018
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High-production live action story mixed with real-time action, Square Enix's The Quiet Man is a new cinematic thing coming to PlayStation 4 and Steam - offering up a full interactive story that can be completed or experienced in a single sitting. So probably movie length. Aside from our cheeky headline, and the boyish good looks and locks of the main character, what we see in the latest trailer is pretty impressive.

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Ubisoft's sends news via raven that a new in-game event for For Honor has kicked off as part of Season VII: Storm and Fury, called "Reigning Inferno". Sounds hot. And rainy.

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We're only days away from the release of Codemasters F1 2018, which looks to be the most expansive entry yet with a revamped career mode and a number of improvements both visually and in terms of mechanics. So why not sit back and zone out to some sweet drum & bass courtesy of the latest F1 2018 gameplay trailer.

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Yeah, there's high concept and then there's the very cool premise of Stone, a Hip-hop Stoner Noir Adventure Game where you take on the role of a Koala in search of his friend - Alex, a lorikeet raver and artist. Stone comes from Convict Games, a studio made up of veterans from Remedy Entertainment and Riot Games. Trailer after the jump.

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It started yesterday, but you still have until the 19th of August to jump into Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, for free. And this is across PC, Xbox One and PlyaStation 4.

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Including the latest model in the ROG Zephyrus line, which is set to out-thin the already thin Zephyrus laptops currently available, and an ultrathin 17.3" ROG Strix SCAR II (GL704). Both are expected to be released locally within Australia in late October - with pricing available closer to release.

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Called Shadows Over Bogenhafen there really isn't much to go on, although the teaser trailer is pretty cool in that it features weird music, fireworks, and a location steeped in ominous green fog. As the first bit of DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 more details will drop closer to the August 28 release date.

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First up, wow. The campaign map in Total War: Three Kingdoms looks incredible, with mountain and river detail that sells the romantic vision and beauty of ancient China. Secondly the battle we see here is fairly impressive too as it showcases a number of cinematic flourishes from being ambushed, overrun, and using the iconic generals in one-on-one duels.

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With a fun little video chat between Blizzard CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime and Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. The accompanying gameplay trailer looks pretty good too with snippets of what we assume is Diablo III running on Switch hardware. The only thing missing from the official announcement is a specific release date, so all we can do is place a big circle around the end of 2018 as the Dawn of Diablo Switch.

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Today Sony has announced that sales of PlayStation VR have passed 3 million systems worldwide, alongside word that 21.9 million PSVR games have also been sold to date. In terms of individual VR experiences the top PSVR title is none other than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, followed by Sony's own PlayStation VR Worlds.

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