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Post by Eorl @ 03:58pm 21/03/14 | 8 Comments
Sledgehammer Games co-founder Glen Schofield has revealed during a presentation (via Gamespot) at GDC 2014 that the studio's current project, this year's Call of Duty game, will be quite an ambitious project.

He said the game is the "most ambitious, most creative game we've ever made," referring to his development career alongside other Sledgehammer Games cofounder Michael Condrey. Although the studio is somewhat young, its founders are well known for creating Visceral Games' Dead Space franchise, so that's quite a bold call.

Little information is currently known about this year's Call of Duty, though Activision’s Eric Hirshberg previously revealed that the title is being primarily targeted at the new generation consoles. Activision has previously described the game as "perhaps the best Call of Duty game ever created," and we can expect more information to come in the next few months.

In related Call of Duty news is the announcement that Call of Duty: Ghosts first DLC, Onslaught, will be free to try on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this weekend. This will unlock the four new maps specific to that DLC, and also allow users to take part in the first Extinction mode episode.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:06pm 21/3/14
Here we go again. Moved on to Titanfall and not looking back.
Posted 04:21pm 21/3/14
"perhaps the best Call of Duty game ever created"

Well, they were never going to say "Mediocre franchise-fodder from the C-team CoD studio" were they?
Posted 04:47pm 21/3/14
lol yeah its gonna have to be very ambitious. or if they go back to ww2 then i might consider it.
Posted 06:29pm 21/3/14
Heh, I was going to say, its not hard being the most ambitious, most creative game they've ever made, when that studio hasn't made any other games before.
Posted 06:32pm 21/3/14
First it was Infinity Ward, and they were fired/let off/broke off and formed Treyarch(sp)?

Now sledgehammer... Who are these people again? What?
Posted 07:12pm 21/3/14
Make it like simple and fun like CODUO with vehicles, destruction and better graphics and I'm in
Posted 07:17pm 21/3/14
Here we go again. Moved on to Titanfall and not looking back.

I got sick of CoD so thought I'd try my luck with Battlefield 4. I've got to say when it works I love it more than CoD but it's just been so so broken that I can't see myself ever bothering with another Battlefield title again. At least (for me anyway) CoD has always "just worked". Seen a couple of Titanfall videos and now that we have Aussie servers I might take a look at that instead. Doesn't really look like my kind of game but what else is there? (don't anyone say Arma)
Posted 03:04am 22/3/14
CODUO is the best by far
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