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Post by Dan @ 04:43pm 09/10/12 | 9 Comments
Gearbox Software's Randy Pitchford has made a surprise announcement on Twitter, revealing that the Mechromancer downloadable content expansion, set to add a fifth playable class to the game, has been prepared a week ahead of schedule, and will be available on October 9th on all platforms.

The timing presumably refers to US Pacific time, as we're already over half way through Oct 9 here in Australia. So for the timezone confused, in Sydney time, that's some time between 5pm today (Tuesday Oct 9) and 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday Oct 10).
So - here's the surprise, Mechromancer for Borderlands 2 is ready about a week earlier than I promised. Oct 9, all platforms. Woo!
The Mechromancer content is supposedly free for pre-order customers, included for season pass customers, and US$10 for everyone else (unsure on Australia tax status).

For more on Borderlands 2, swing by our in-depth review (AusGamers 9.2/10).

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:12pm 09/10/12
Awesome! Just finished BL2 on vault hunter mode last night. Timing win.
Posted 05:14pm 09/10/12
I never finished BL2 because the character I wanted to play most of all was the mechromancer. I'll be getting back into the game now for this!
Posted 11:54pm 09/10/12
Isnt the mechromancer meant to be a noob friendly character - as in easy mode for non gamers?
Posted 01:46am 10/10/12
Isnt the mechromancer meant to be a noob friendly character - as in easy mode for non gamers?

Apparently one of the skill trees is a bit noob friendly.
Posted 09:36am 10/10/12
Doesnt seem to noob friendly to me unless the skills are OP
Posted 10:24am 10/10/12
There most assuredly is Aussie Tax on it:

Posted 12:08pm 10/10/12
Well the Deathtrap seems... broken somehow. He doesn't run, he floats. So if he wants to attack something on a different level he just flys up there and even seems to go through barriers such as hand rails and other stuff like that. Even saw him go through the floor when doing the midget-mong quest at the start to get to a higher level. Besides that he is a bit of a beastly machine. Will be awesome when you start unlocking it's abilities.
Posted 06:36pm 10/10/12
People on xbox are apparently having trouble with the release. Saves not working, skill points reset, no bad-ass bonus gone etc.
Posted 06:44pm 10/10/12
^ maybe Gearbox outsourced the DLC to the Diablo 3 devs.
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