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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:03am 20/06/14 | 17 Comments
Joab's understanding of the inner and outer workings of UFC is like a superpower. And like so many superpowered beings, it's left him isolated and unable to make friends for fear his enemies will target those he loves. Perhaps he's made a new enemy today in Dana White, and if so I renounce our friendship -- no one needs GSP hunting them down.

But, his powers here are being used for good, that much cannot be denied, and it's his job to accurately relay where and why the first EA-produced UFC game just doesn't quite make the grade.

Click here for his incredibly in-depth EA Sports UFC review.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:17am 20/6/14
Posted 11:36am 20/6/14
3 minutes of demo gameplay told me this was fail.
Posted 11:39am 20/6/14
i wasn't expecting it to be good. EA being consistent as always.
Posted 11:57am 20/6/14
yeh the demo turned me off.
Posted 11:59am 20/6/14
Just jumping in to preemptively defend myself for when this hits n4g/reddit/operationsports

Yes I know on Pro difficulty the almost supernatural ability of the AI to counter transitions nullifies my lay-and-pray strategy a small degree. To counter this simply hand trap your opponent and punch them in the guts until they fall to the ground clutching their liver.
Yes I know you can stuff transitions and standing up. The key problem is that offensive moves are far more effective than defensive moves and concentrating on attempting to tap R2 and flick the right thumbstick in a direction that changes relative to camera position is just not really worth the effort. Also you can continue to attempt transitions and standing up even without any stamina left because it bottoms out with no adverse effect to your ability to continue to attempt them. Actually the transitions being based on camera position also annoys me.
Yes I know it says I'm not very good at fighting games in my bio at the bottom. I'm very good at sports games though, and I was very, very good at the Undisputed and Fight Night serieseseses.
No my dislike of the game doesn't impact your enjoyment, and it doesn't endanger a sequel. EA and Zuffa probably signed a multi-game agreement already.
Yes Chael Sonnen is a scumbag and I've hated him since he first sold wolf tickets to fights.
Posted 12:11pm 20/6/14
Lol 4.7 out of 10. I'll be sure to avoid this garbage then.
Posted 01:16pm 20/6/14
Ouch. After your previous previews Joaby I was under the impression the game would score better, granted your latest preview had misgivings, turns out they didn't listen eh?

O well.
Posted 03:29pm 20/6/14
haha more reviews like this. I really like personal bias injected into games. Of course pointing out the bias is a must (liek you've done).
Posted 06:02pm 20/6/14
Great review, waiting for the next iteration. Thanks Joaby
Posted 01:23pm 21/6/14
Yes Chael Sonnen is a scumbag and I've hated him since he first sold wolf tickets to fights.

i also get mad at prince jofrey, the undertaker, and other characters that aren't real.

my crystal ball says you read sherdog and think fedor is the greatest of all time.
Posted 01:46pm 21/6/14
Your crystal ball is an idiot.
Posted 02:00pm 21/6/14
I read r/mma and I think fedor ducked by not signing with the ufc when the best fighters were all in Zuffas roster. I don't think it rules him out entirely but it doesn't help his case. And Chael's phony horses*** is exactly what I was talking about when I said wolf tickets.

But 0 for 3 is alright
Posted 09:53pm 22/6/14
Fedor is the best of all time.
Posted 09:58pm 22/6/14
i also get mad at prince jofrey, the undertaker, and other characters that aren't real.

my crystal ball says you read sherdog and think fedor is the greatest of all time.
wb Ha :)
Posted 10:51pm 22/6/14
^^ haha, wondered where he was.
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