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Review by Jickle @ 10th July, 2014
It doesn’t have The Walking Dead’s gut-punch moments, and the absence of traditional point ‘n click puzzles is perhaps a step too far for a game about solving a mystery, but right at the end the season came together as an effective study of these characters, and how their choices and beliefs have affected their community...
Sniper Elite 3 Review (Score: 6.2/10)
Review by Joaby @ 5th July, 2014
If it wasn't for that one brilliant thing it does -- Slow-Mo X-Ray Bullet-Cam -- it'd be the sort of game only your dad might pick up in a bargain bin sale, years after it released.
Tropico 5 Review (Score: 7.0/10)
Review by KostaAndreadis @ 1st July, 2014
To borrow from a cliché ridden sitcom staple, the Tropico series has always felt like the wacky neighbour to the Sim City straight man. At its core it’s very much a city builder, where economic concerns, politics, trade routes, production, power, roads, revenue and all that other good city stuff is the name of the game...
Review by Jickle @ 1st July, 2014
There has been a large contingency of people asking for a war game in which you don’t pick up and fire a gun, so it’s great that, when it actually happened, we were given a game with this much charm and emotion packed into it...
Review by nachosjustice @ 24th June, 2014
Regardless of whether it’s perfectly balanced at launch, Relic has shown its dedication to listening to the community with subsequent updates, and The Western Front Armies is a worthy addition to any multiplayer-loving Company of Heroes 2 player’s war chest...
EA Sports UFC Review (Score: 4.7/10)
Review by Joaby @ 20th June, 2014
To put it simply, EA Sports UFC is the Kimbo Slice of MMA games. With little knowledge of the intricacies of the systems, when the game is just an all-out brawler for you and your mates to revel in, EA Sports UFC seems unstoppable. But as soon as you test it you start to see significant underlying problems. And just like Kimbo Slice, those problems hinge on fundamentally poor ground defence and poor stamina management.
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 3rd June, 2014
The concept and setting here were ripe for out-of-left-field explosiveness, but due to a lack of direction and capitalisation, and likely a small budget, all we’re left with is a lifeless game that fails to live up to its potential...
Review by Jickle @ 29th May, 2014
This season has held the player at a bit of a distance and made them watch interesting things unfurl without quite feeling like they’re involved, but this episode, at least, lets you feel like you’re in control of your reactions to the plot a bit more than previous ones did.
Watch Dogs Review (Score: 8.9/10)
Review by Steve Farrelly @ 27th May, 2014
Watch Dogs delivers a technically sound and gorgeous game experience marred by a linear tale and a disconnect between its narrative and game-world. But it's a competent and enjoyable open-world game with some seriously fun multiplayer.
Review by nachosjustice @ 20th May, 2014
While part of me is disappointed at the lack of multiplayer (more Enemy Territory anyone?), the lengthy (by shooter standards) and cinematic campaign was an absolute riot from start to finish...
Review by Jickle @ 16th May, 2014
If The Walking Dead keeps producing episodes this strong, though, I’ll happily keep playing it for years to come.
Daylight Review (Score: 4.0/10)
Review by RyanC @ 6th May, 2014
If you scare easily, the low asking price may entice you into a purchase but, for everyone else, Daylight represents a dull and missed opportunity for effective horror.
Child of Light Review (Score: 6.0/10)
Review by Jickle @ 30th April, 2014
There are the makings of a better game in here, and the combat is reliably entertaining throughout, but Child of Light never quite rises as high as its untethered protagonist.
Trials Fusion Review (Score: 5.0/10)
Review by Gameboffin @ 16th April, 2014
The tracks are boring, the tricks not worth bothering with, the attempt at storytelling laughable and far too much expectation rests in the audience to shape Fusion’s potential. Perhaps this will be a different story in a few months.
Review by JamesPinnell @ 15th April, 2014
Under the surface, not enough has changed to the formula that separates The Elder Scrolls Online from existing free or established properties, and I would find it genuinely hard to recommend to anyone seeking an experience outside of a cosy, well presented, box.
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