Ahead of next month's release get a quick rundown on what to expect.
A Look at the Maps and Modes of Battlefield 1
We chat with the game's lead designer on its origins and beyond!
Interview: Ubisoft Dishes up on Star Trek Bridge Crew
The console formerly known as the PlayStation Neo has finally been revealed as the 4K HDR-ready PlayStation 4 Pro
Sony Announces the More Powerful PlayStation 4 Pro
We take Ubisoft's action sports entry Steep for a huge ride, will it rule the title-starved genre?
Steep Life Learning Curve - Hands-On with Ubisoft's Steep!
Gears of War 4 Launches a New Generation by Returning to What it Does Best – Hands-on with Campaign, Multiplayer and Horde 3.0
Post by Ben Salter on 05:51pm 26/09/16.
Last week AusGamers visited The Coalition, the new developer behind Gears of War 4, in Vancouver. We went hands-on with Campaign, Versus and Horde 3.0 ahead of its release next month. Here’s what we thought…
10 Impressive Mounts Coming to Rider of Icarus
Post by KostaAndreadis on 01:16pm 22/09/16.
Ahead of September 28’s “Rift of the Damned” update for Rider of Icarus we go through 10 of the most impressive new Mounts coming to the game.
A Look at the Maps and Modes of Battlefield 1
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:51pm 21/09/16.
EA and DICE's epic World War I shooter Battlefield 1 is gearing up for release. We go through some of the modes you can expect to find, plus a brief rundown of the game's maps.
The Ties that Bind: Exploring Blizzard's Warcraft Lore and its Relation to the Warcraft Movie
Post by KostaAndreadis on 02:47pm 19/09/16.
Thanks to the release of Warcraft (2016) on DVD and Blu-ray we’re taking a look back at the lore of Warcraft the movie, its relationship to the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, and over 20 years of awe-inspiring gaming history.
Ubisoft's Justin Achilli Talks Star Trek: Bridge Crew's Genesis and Beyond
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:21pm 02/09/16.
AusGamers caught up with Star Trek: Bridge Crew lead designer Justin Achilli who talks about the game's humble beginnings to what's in story for us upon release later this year. Read on for what he had to say...
Watch Dogs 2's New Bounty Mode is Hacked Chaos, and Bloody Awesome
Post by Steve Farrelly on 11:55am 31/08/16.
AusGamers went hands-on with the new Bounty Mode in Watch Dogs 2 and walked away richer and more renowned for it (in the game, of course!)...
Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy – Fallout 4: Nuka World Impressions
Post by KostaAndreadis on 03:12pm 30/08/16.
Nuka World represents the last bit of premium DLC for Fallout 4. And it's a sugar-filled, fizzy, cola-flavoured adventure where you're put in control of a rag-tag group of Raiders.
Gamescom 2016: Hands-On with Dawn of War 3
Post by Joaby on 05:31pm 26/08/16.
At this year's Gamescom, Joaby couldn't pass up an opportunity to get his hands on the long-gestating Dawn of War 3, read on or watch for his full experience...
Titanfall 2-The Return to Singleplayer-Mohammad Alavi Interviewed
Post by Joaby on 04:20pm 25/08/16.
We talk to Respawn Entertainment's Mohammad Alavi about Singleplayer campaigns and Respawn's impressive pedigree.
Ubisoft's Nao Higo Talks South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Working with Matt and Trey, Life After Obsidian, Fart Mechanics and More
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:32pm 23/08/16.
AusGamers spoke with studio head Nao Higo about South Park: The Fractured But Whole in a wide-ranging interview. Read on for what he had to say...
Gamescom 2016: Steep Hands-On - Dropping into a New and Open World of Action Sports
Post by Steve Farrelly on 02:57pm 22/08/16.
At this year's Gamescom we took a newer build of Ubisoft's Steep for a run, read on to learn how it's stacking up...
Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Beta Hands-on: 3 Modes and 3 Maps Over 2 Weekends
Post by Ben Salter on 07:02pm 18/08/16.
Ahead of the upcoming Titanfall 2 tech test this weekend AusGamers' Ben Salter went to Respawn Entertainment to go hands-on with multiplayer. Here’s what you’ll be playing.
Gamescom 2016: Hands-On with For Honor's Objective Multiplayer Mode
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:16pm 17/08/16.
At this year's Gamescom AusGamers went hands-on with For Honor's Objective multiplayer game mode -- a 4v4 point capture mode that focuses on Scoring, Renown, Revive and Revenge as its gameplay pillars. Read on for our full experience!
Survival of the Fittest - No Man's Sky Vs Subnautica
Post by Steve Farrelly on 08:25pm 12/08/16.
No Man's Sky has managed to gain most of the media attention, but Subnautica presents a solid case as a game worth just as much. Read on to know why...
Titanfall 2 Campaign Revealed – Single-Player Gameplay Forges its Own Identity
Post by Ben Salter on 10:33am 12/08/16.
AusGamers was recently invited to Respawn Entertainment in California for a first look at the single-player campaign in Titanfall 2. Here’s what we saw...
No Man’s Sky Initial Impressions
Post by Steve Farrelly on 08:07pm 10/08/16.
Here's a rundown with my first 10 hours or so with No Man's Sky...
QuakeCon 2016: Dishonored 2 is Really Two Games in One
Post by Steve Farrelly on 05:54pm 05/08/16.
A new demonstration for Dishonored 2 was just shown backstage at QuakeCon, and AusGamers didn’t Blink and miss it...
Alienware's Graphics Amplifier Flies as a Visual Dock of Awesome
Post by Steve Farrelly on 12:44pm 02/08/16.
We take Alienware's graphics amplifier for a spin...
It’s all Greek to Me - What Has Sony Done to the God of War Series?
Post by Steve Farrelly on 03:25pm 01/08/16.
We take a look at Santa Monica Studios' new beginning for God of War and ask why Kratos needed to leave his world, for another...
Defeat the Kraken - Exploring Sea of Thieves with Rare's Gregg Mayles and Joe Neate
Post by Steve Farrelly on 04:58pm 18/07/16.
AusGamers caught up with Rare's Gregg Mayles and Joe Neate to talk mermen, treasure, treachery and pirates. Read on for what they had to say...
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