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Battlefield 4
How many slots should I purchase?
Unlike in previous Battlefield games, spectators and commanders are considered players and are counted as 'slots'. That means if you want a 32 v 32 player server with 2 commanders and 4 spectators, you'll need 70 slots.

If you select 32 slots and enable commanders, you'll have a 15v15 game with commanders.

If you select 48 slots and enable commanders and 4 spectators, you'll have a 21 v 21 game.

When will you host ProCon Layer Services?
We are currently looking into hosting our own ProCon Layer service, however at this time there is no ETA yet due to a number of outlying factors. We hope to have more information soon, but we suggest keeping an eye on our front page for further announcements.

Where can I find the most up-to-date default configuration changes?
You can always find any changes to the default configuration for Battlefield 4 over here. These changes will be applied to any customer's server that hasn't overridden the changes.

My question hasn't been answered
Feel free to post the question on these forums and our community may be able to answer it. Of course, the fastest official response will always come from our contact form.

When will my pre-order be billed?
Your pre-order will be billed immediately, but your subscription time will be extended so that your next payment will be a month from the Australian release date of Battlefield 4.

When will my server be able to be configured?
You will have access to the configuration options immediately, but the server won't be visible until BF4 BattleLog is available. We'll be updating our guides over the weekend, so we recommend that you wait until at least Monday before diving into the configuration.

When will my server be ready to play on?
Your server will be running at least 24 hours before the worldwide BF4 release date, so it'll be ready well before players can join it.

This guide is constantly being revised as Battlefield 4 continues to udpate and change over the future. Some information in this document may be out-of-date and we will strive to update it as soon as possible.

First, it is suggested to open your server's GameCreate window in a new tab/window, as to allow the most detailed view possible. Once on the GameCreate page you can stop/start/restart your server and check any failure reports.

Super Quick Overview for a Ranked Normal server:

1: To setup your server, click on the 'configuration' tab.

2: At the top, you'll see 'Server Templates'. If it isn't already added, add the "Ranked - Required for Normal" template. This sets defaults required for your server to be found as a ranked normal server. You'll see your configuration page now has some options marked as "Inherited from". If you change any of these settings your server won't be found in a search for "Normal".

3: Change any of the settings that are not 'Inherited from template', then check out your map list.

4: The maplist is set by default to run all of the maps in whatever game mode you picked. You'll see each line looks like this:

Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned %gamemode% %numrounds%

Whatever is in that Maplist box will be put into the maplist.txt file for your server. GameCreate will substitute in the values you've set on the configuration page for %gamemode% and %numrounds%. You can change the order or remove any maps you want, or you can get a bit more in depth by checking the maplist guide here.

Super Quick Overview for a Ranked Hardcore server:

Follow the steps in "Ranked Normal" above, but at step 2, make sure you remove the "Ranked - Required for Normal" template it is has been added, then add the "Ranked - Required for Hardcore" template instead. Everything else is the same.

Quick Overview for Maplists:

By default, your maplist will contain all of the maps in order, the first four lines will look like this:

Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned %gamemode% %numrounds%
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage %gamemode% %numrounds%
Levels/MP/MP_Flooded/MP_Flooded %gamemode% %numrounds%
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey %gamemode% %numrounds%

GameCreate will take the values you set on your configuration page for gamemode and numrounds, and put them in the maplist file when it is written. For example, if you leave all the defaults, it will end up looking like this:

Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned ConquestLarge0 4
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage/ ConquestLarge0 4
Levels/MP/MP_Flooded/MP_Flooded ConquestLarge0 4
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey ConquestLarge0 4

This works fine if you want your server to just use the same game mode and number of rounds for every map. If you want to do something different, you can edit the maplist property directly in the box, e.g:

Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned ConquestSmall0 2
Levels/MP/MP_Damage/MP_Damage RushLarge0 2
Levels/MP/MP_Abandoned/MP_Abandoned Obliteration 3
Levels/MP/MP_Journey/MP_Journey RushLarge0 2

This would run Abandon in 32 player Conquest mode for 2 rounds, then Damage in Rush mode for 2 rounds, then Abandoned again, this time in Obliteration mode for 3 rounds, then Journey in Rush mode for 2 rounds.

Please remember, if you remove the %gamemode% and %numrounds% from your maplist, changing those settings in in your server configuration won't have any effect.

DICE has made changes to how the expansion pack maps are called in a config file. Previously you would need to enter Levels/MP/*, however now users can simply enter the below text to call expansion only maps:

XP1/Levels/XP1_0**/XP1_0** [GAME MODE] [ROUND LIMIT]
** - subsitute for map number i.e. XP1_001 or XP1_002

Second Assault Maps and Capture Flag Game Mode Code:
The code below will allow servers to place Second Assault DLC maps into their cycle list.


The DLC has also added a new game mode, Capture the Flag, which can be accessed with the following code:
CaptureTheFlag0 [ROUNDLIMIT]
[] is replaced with amount of rounds you want

Example: XP0/Levels/XP0_Firestorm/XP0_Firestorm CaptureTheFlag0 1

Map Code – In-Game Name
Battlefield 4 Default

MP_Abandoned – Zavod 311
MP_Damage – Lancang Dam
MP_Flooded – Flood Zone
MP_Journey – Golmud Railway
MP_Naval – Paracel Storm
MP_Prison – Operation Locker
MP_Resort – Hainan Resort
MP_Siege – Siege of Shanghai
MP_TheDish – Rogue Transmission
MP_Tremors – Dawnbreaker

China Rising Expansion

XP1_001 – Silk Road
XP1_002 – Altai Range
XP1_003 – Guilin Peaks
XP1_004 – Dragon Pass

Second Assualt Expansion

XP0_Caspian – Caspian Border
XP0_Firestorm – Firestorm
XP0_Metro – Operation Metro
XP0_Oman – Gulf of Oman

Naval Strike Expansion

XP2_001 - Lost Islands
XP2_002 - Nansha Strike
XP2_003 - Wavebreaker
XP2_004 - Operation Mortar
ConquestLarge0 – Conquest – 64
ConquestSmall0 – Conquest – 32
Domination0 – Domination – 20
Elimination0 – Defuse – 10
Obliteration – Obliteration – 32
RushLarge0 – Rush – 32
SquadDeathMatch0 – Squad Deathmatch – 16
TeamDeathMatch0 – Team Deathmatch – 24
AirSuperiority0 – Air Superiority – 24 (China rising only)

To grant another user the ability to modify and control your Game Server Rental server in GameCreate the person that you would like to add must have an AusGamers account, and if it is a new account they must have followed the steps required to activate the account.

You need to add permissions at two levels: permissions to control the game and permissions to control the server.

To add permissions to control the game:

Go to and click on the game under 'installed games'.
Near the top of the page there are some tabs (the 'Overview' tab will be selected by default) - click on the 'Permissions' tab.
At the bottom of the Game Permissions page there will be two additional tabs: 'servers' and 'configuration'. Select the 'configuration' tab.
Select 'get by email address', type in the email address of the new user and click search.
Highlight the user and select the level of access you want the account to have, and click 'Done' to save the changes.

To add permissions to control the server:

Return to the 'Overview' tab for the game by clicking on it at the top of the page or by going to and
clicking on the game under 'installed games'.
Click on the server name in the list of servers for that game.
Near the top of the page there are some tabs (the 'Overview' tab will be selected by default) - click on the 'Permissions' tab.
Select 'get by email address', type in the email address of the new user and click search.
Highlight the user and select the level of access you want the account to have, and click 'Done' to save the changes.
The user should now be able to login to your GameCreate domain using their AusGamers username and password.

AusGamers Server Rental FAQ

AusGamers currently offer server hosting for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3.


Currently AusGamers is working on getting Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Source/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 and Starbound supported as hosting choices, however we have no set timeline on when these will be available. Once we have those games working, we will look at offering more games in the future. We are also in talks with several developers both indie and AAA that are looking to offer hosting rights, but we can't talk about those yet.


AusGamers currently offer voice servers for TeamSpeak 3 and Ventrilo. You can find more information on those services over here.


If you are wanting a game to be hosted by AusGamers, or you are a developer yourself, please contact us via our support email, and we will get back to you shortly on further steps.

Voice Server FAQ
What voice services does AusGamers currently offer?
Currently AusGamers offers both TeamSpeak 3 and Ventrilo servers for renting, starting at 25c a slot.

What about Mumble support?!?

Currently we support both TeamSpeak 3 and Ventrilo, though if you are eager for Mumble support simply use our contact form here to request the service. If we garner enough of an interest we'll look at adding it into our rental program.

Instant Creation
Sick of waiting for your hosting order to be processed?
Mammoth rentals offer immediate server setup at the time of purchase so you no longer have to wait, simply sign up and your server is created immediately ready to go when you are! With our industry leading control panel you'll have all the tools available to be able to change any desired setting, start or stop, and monitor activity with comprehensive statistic summaries.
Payment Options
Payment Methods
Allowing you flexibility we offer different payment options to suit your needs. Offering both Visa, MasterCard, and Amex credit-card payment.

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