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Post by Dan @ 11:43am 17/01/14 | 5 Comments
The SteamDevDays developer only conference continues today, and as press aren't permitted at the event, we're once again fishing details of the various presentations from social media reports of attending game developers. Fortunately, developers such as Hot Blooded Games' Dave Oshry are sharing a lot, so we have a bunch of new details from today's Virtual Reality-related presentations.

According to Oshry's Twitter stream, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey "says Valve's VR tech is the best virtual reality demo in the world right now", which gels with what Tripwire Interactive's David Hensley Tweeted yesterday about his experience with Valve's on-site demo, describing it as "a lucid dream state and very much like a holodeck" (source), "like playing an XBOX compared to the Oculus's "8bit Nintendo" (source), suggesting that it had both a higher screen resolution and lower motion-to-last-photon latency.

Valve still does not seem to have confirmed whether it has any ambitions to market its own VR hardware, but the level of cooperation with Oculus (it has been confirmed that Valve and Oculus collaborated on positional tracking tech), suggests that Valve's own prototyping has been primarily serving more as a testing aparatus for its software development aimed at making Steam the go-to platform for game developers boarding the VR train.

A slide posted by Oshry on Twitter from the presentation by Valve's Michael Abrash posits that Valve and Oculus expect the following to be possible with consumer VR hardware by 2015:
Feasible 2015 consumer HDM
  • 20ms motion-to-last-photon latency
  • 3ms pixel persistence
  • 95 Hz refresh
  • 110-degree FOV
  • 1K x 1K resolution per eye
  • High-quality, well-calibrated optics
  • Tracking
    • millimeter-accurate resolution translation
    • quarter-degree-accurate rotation
      volume of roughly 2 meters cubed
Gaming's VR future might not be too far away.

As with yesterday's sessions, the folks at SteamDB are doing a fantastic job of collating details from various developer tweets. Valve has also reiterated that it intends to publish video recordings of the presentations sometime in the future.

Latest Comments
Pablitos Way
Posted 12:12pm 17/1/14
Steam box with VR headsets all in one bundle maybe throw in the Omni and you will have a killer console.
Posted 12:44pm 17/1/14
All those stats are damn impressive. Now I will buy one.

(Would be nice to see the latency get even lower though, perhaps 12-14ms)
Posted 01:19pm 17/1/14
I wonder whether any of Valve's work in VR will be shared with Jeri Ellsworth, a former employee who is the creator of what is arguably Oculus' most serious competitor, the CastAR headset. Interestingly, CastAR was created while Jeri worked at Valve however they gave her the rights when they fired her. Since Jeri's very public comments about Valve would they even want her to succeed?
Posted 01:21pm 17/1/14
maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan hurry up with retail VR already! enough with the c*ckteasing!
Posted 01:45pm 17/1/14
I wonder whether any of Valve's work in VR will be shared with Jeri Ellsworth, a former employee who is the creator of what is arguably Oculus' most serious competitor, the CastAR headset.

they're hardly competitors when they're completely different products.
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