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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:35am 03/07/13 | 19 Comments
Christofer Sundberg of Avalanche Studios Tweeted the news early this morning, pointing out his admiration of the vocal Mad Max fanbase, assuring us that we "have been heard", in what we can only describe as awesome news.While we don't currently know that our petition (and loud yelling) were the main instigator, it's amazing to hear that a games company is willing to listen to its fans and come through with the goods, despite having already established their character's tone for the game beforehand. Well done Mad Max fans around the world, especially the vocal Aussies who stood up for an Australian icon.

For more, be sure to check out our recent Mad Max preview, and stay tuned for more on the game and this change in development.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:26am 03/7/13

Now to either ask Mel to do it, or chase someone 'Aussie' without over-ockarising it!
(Maybe say, Sam Worthington?)
The GuVna
Posted 07:45am 03/7/13
Better not be Sam Worthington!
Posted 07:58am 03/7/13
how about eric bana's character Poida!
Posted 08:03am 03/7/13
Trent from Punchy.
Posted 08:10am 03/7/13
lol, I wasn't even planning on buying this game. GG
Posted 08:45am 03/7/13
Hope it's not like what they did for naruto.. Fans wanted original jap voice actors and subs.. so they release it as paid DLC after launch
Posted 08:57am 03/7/13
I would rather a decent game than someone with an Aussie accent.
Posted 09:29am 03/7/13
I would rather a decent game with someone who has an Aussie accent.
Posted 09:52am 03/7/13
This is hilarious. WD AG.

Now to see if they can top the accents from JC2.
Posted 10:09am 03/7/13
They haven't actually said it would be an aussie voice actor, just an aussie accent...
Posted 10:14am 03/7/13
They haven't actually said it would be an aussie voice actor, just an aussie accent...

Yes, well the point was that they were specifically going for a 'neutral' accent.

George Miller's new Fury Road will feature a British actor as Max, however you can bet your arse he will be speaking with a broad Australian accent.

They might f*** it up and do the accent terribly, but that's a production issue.
Posted 11:05am 03/7/13
they'll probably just get nolan north to do an aussie accent.
Posted 01:05pm 03/7/13
good to hear. i also hope they give some of the landscape an australian scrub/bush look and its not all grey and sandy generic postapocalyptic style like the preview screenshots suggest
Reverend Evil™
Posted 01:24pm 03/7/13
Looks like all the whinging has paid off. Well done guys!
Posted 02:42pm 03/7/13
Lol shad that cracked me up..... lol trenty
Posted 04:06pm 03/7/13
Hahaha Trent! Great news though. Awesome
Posted 05:16pm 03/7/13
And Justice's get Snake back his voice!!
Posted 09:39pm 03/7/13
Most appropriately it should be an american voice actor with an aussie accent (As gibson was born in the USA)
Posted 09:58pm 03/7/13
It better feature bloody Ford Falcons too
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