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Post by Dan @ 05:36pm 27/02/13 | 20 Comments
The ever-resourceful folk over on NeoGAF have discovered a brand new trademark filing by publisher Square Enix today, claiming the name Deus Ex: Human Defiance via OHIM, the European Union's Trademarks and designs registration office.

We've verified this one, and it's legit. Having being registered for Square Enix by the same firm as 2010's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Here's the search output from OHIM:

Speculation by the GAF crowd seems to be split between the title representing the rumoured Wii U version of Human Revolution, or the expected sequel from Eidos Montreal, and we're inclined to lean toward the latter.

Eidos Montreal are known to be working on Thief 4, however it's a large studio with multiple teams. So a couple of years on from the successful original, and with announcements for the next console generation gearing up, the timing seems right.

Latest Comments
Nerf Lord
Posted 05:40pm 27/2/13
Keen, but bloody hell, they started Thief 4 around the same time as Deus Ex HR, and there's still the same amount of details on T4 as there now is for this apparent DE sequel...
Posted 05:43pm 27/2/13
More Deus Ex = good.
Posted 07:40pm 27/2/13
More Deus Ex = good.
Posted 07:57pm 27/2/13
F*** yes. Deus ex HR is one of the best games ive ever played.
Posted 07:58pm 27/2/13
Deus Ex HR was a worthy sequel/prequel, so this is excellent news.
Posted 08:03pm 27/2/13
Lets hope they fix the "Oh, you levelled stealth Augmentations? Have fun with this Super Boss on Steroids with no-where to hide or sneak then!" issue.
Posted 08:21pm 27/2/13
The developers have come out and openly acknowledged that they bungled those parts by outsourcing them, and the boss fight was fixed in The Missing Link so hopefully the boss battles are more engaging.

The best way to deal with those bosses is to obtain the typhoon and fully upgrade it regardless of what build you are using. If you explore just a tiny bit you get more praxis than you need so it spending the points on it doesn't make too big of a dint.
Posted 08:37pm 27/2/13
i went the stealth/hacking route and had no problem with the bosses cept for the third one. that was mainly because i upgraded the chip in my head which screws with the screen and stops you from using your abilities during the fight.
Nerf Lord
Posted 09:02pm 27/2/13
What I don't understand is how the hell do you outsource boss fights? I'll need to look into that...
Posted 10:40pm 27/2/13
Yipee, excellent news!
Posted 01:10pm 28/2/13
Want Thief 4 not another Deus Ex >_<

The fact that the devs have gone dead quite since Dishonoured was released (and even before that info was sparse) does not bode well for Thief 4 >_<

Like Nerf Lord I would love to know how you outsource a boss fight. Considering that such events are integral to the overall game experience you would think that they would of exerted far more control over them rather than outsource those events to another developer to do with as they pleased. Ultimately they tested those fights before they were released so being outsourced doesn't seem as relevant if they knew exactly what was going in - it's not a good excuse, if you will.
Posted 01:18pm 28/2/13
No-one ever said it was a good excuse and the developers admitted it was a massive mistake and apologised for it.

The boss fights I could handle because they were quite easy anyway, and were trivialised by using the typhoon aug. What I really hated about DE:HR was the final level which I'll put in spoilers.

wtf zombies? I was really pumped for a big tense showdown with the elite forces I'd been facing throughout the game. I remember first arriving on Pangaea surrounded by all those helicopters and hearing the wind blowing and having a feeling of anticipation. I was really disappointed by the enemies which were just stupid zombie things. I didn't mind the final boss battle because it was actually quite cool and could be completed multiple ways (laser rifle through the glass woot) but was then disappointed again by the fact that the ending was literally 'push these buttons'. I didn't mind the end of game cinematic too much but would have preferred to have seen the aftermath of the choice that I made

edit: spoilers don't work again
Posted 10:41am 02/3/13
apparently this is the title for the movie that's being made.
Posted 12:47pm 02/3/13
apparently this is the title for the movie that's being made.

Christian Bale never asked for this?

But could totally manage Adam Jensen using his batman voice...
Posted 05:55pm 02/3/13
I would throw a brick at him if he does the batman voice.
Posted 07:12pm 02/3/13
Lets hope they fix the "Oh, you levelled stealth Augmentations? Have fun with this Super Boss on Steroids with no-where to hide or sneak then!" issue.

If you've never read a review from this game you won't really understand why this happened. Boss fights were a tacked on afterthought and the devs were truely sorry.
Like Nerf Lord I would love to know how you outsource a boss fight.

Well I believe they wanted a bossfight-less game. But it was more or less demanded of them and someone else tacked them in. Obviously they wouldn't do it again. But to be honest, the s***** boss fights makes for a perfect game, a game without glaring and obvious flaws which are easy to overlook considering they're about a total 20 minutes of the 16 hours of gameplay i put in.

If the game was perfectly polished into being a round sphere it'd sit nicely on the shelf as just another game but people will remember it for being unique and beautiful if not oddly blemished.
Posted 07:33pm 02/3/13
total 20 minutes of the 16 hours of gameplay i put in.

only 16 hours? i thought my 30 hr play time was low.
Posted 08:29pm 02/3/13
121 hours and counting of playtime for me.

I need to do another run to find all the skillbooks to get the doctorate achievement. I tried it once and was sure I followed the guide properly but didn't get it. That was also a hack every computer and read everything I can run so I'll just burn through it this time.
Posted 09:18pm 02/3/13
only 16 hours? i thought my 30 hr play time was low.

I mean per playthrough. It takes about that many game hours to play through the storyline while being distracted. I tried another game for the whole not killing anyone (except bosses) just using hand to hand and non death dealing weapons.

However that was really f*****g hard so i'm 20+ hours in and not very far on that play through, i believe my steam has quite a number of hours totalled up.
Posted 07:50pm 03/3/13
I really should re-install that again.......It was pretty cool and I never finished it. I am a serial non-finisher of games these days.
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