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Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: The Bogey Man
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: The Bogey Man

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Telltale Games Official Site:
Publisher: Telltale, Inc.
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures: The Bogey Man Review
Review By @ 03:25pm 05/08/09
The last in the current series of bite sized Tell Tale Games adventures featuring the ever anxious Wallace and his faithful four-legged companion Gromit. Whilst my call for more cheese related laffs went unheeded, the golfing mystery that makes up crux of this tale is on the money.

The Bogey Man, more than ever in this series picks up directly from the end of the previous episode, Muzzled!

The town is still recovering from the shock of almost being conned silly by Monty Muzzle, the smooth talking carnival owner, whose pooch and money snatching scheme was foiled only at the last moment by our hero Wallace (well, Gromit did most of the work, but Wallace took the credit as always).

As a result, Monty is in Jail and Wallace is mired in matrimonial misunderstanding with Felicity Flitt his spinster neighbour.

Up steps Felicity’s grand Aunt Prudence to give her blessing to the (mistaken) wedding proposal.

Luckily, for Wallace, Gromit overhears the nuptial discussion and start a plan in motion to get Wallace inducted to the Prickly Thicket golf club. Apparently Aunt Prudence – due to a traditional family feud – is not a fan of men that join the club, and would no longer approve the marriage if Wallace wandered around in emblazoned Prickly Thicket Plus Fours.

The Prickly Thicket golf club is a haven for the town’s men’s folk, where they can read books (Vanity Fairway, Putts and Prejudice etc), and drink tea, play snooker and generally hang out. Given the clubs actual golf course has gone missing – due to a misappropriated land deed – members, Mr Paneer, Major Crum and chairman Duncan McBiscuit do nothing much else, but are sternly proud of being part of a golf club, even if golf is not a big part.

Constable Dibbins becomes jealous of Wallace’s sudden rise in social status, and begins his campaign to shut down the club, in between mail deliveries that is, as the local postman is off sick.

So this is the premise, and game-play is shared pretty much evenly between Wallace and Gromit, with Gromit providing all of the save-the-day moments, as you would expect.

Like previous W & G Grand Adventure episodes, The Bogey Man suffers from the occasional graphical glitch, inappropriate camera angle and poorly levelled audio. None of which are game breakers, but I did, for the first time experience a couple of crash to desktop moments.

Luckily these were normally during the load sequence, therefore saving the cuss-box from coin overload.

As to the all important puzzle construction, it is a mixed bag. Hardly any of the action takes place inside 62 West Wallaby Way, with the lion share involving archaic secrets from Prickly Thicket’s club house past.

This gives many of the puzzles an air of mystery, which is an easy out for saying sometimes the logic design hand-book, was tossed out the window during development.

Veteran players will recognise some repeats or twists on previously presented situations (the Squirrel feeding tray being the most obvious), but in general the is another delightful venture into a well loved claymation world of fun, and a charming way to finish the series.

The humour is still here, with genuine laugh out loud moments that will stay with you a long time, thank you Tell Tale Games, please revisit the W & G universe again.
Continuation of story line
Charming and varied plot
Misunderstood marriage proposal plus golf equals laughs
Graphics/Audio glitches, desktop crashes
Some illogical puzzles
Still no cheese
Finishing the series
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