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Terminal Velocity hit PCs back in 1995, and the 3D Realms published title was one of those early 3D graphics games that wowed players with complete freedom ala Descent. Remastered for modern hardware, including consoles, this new Booster Edition will feature widescreen support, remastered visuals, and improved audio.

Also, in a very cool move the original studio Terminal Reality still exists and developers that worked on the original game have returned to help out. Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition is coming to PC on March 14, 2023, with consoles to follow at a later date.

Originally developed in 1995 by Terminal Reality (the creators of the BloodRayne franchise, led by the former lead developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator), and published by 3D Realms (Duke Nukem), Terminal Velocity™ was critically praised for its exhilarating, high-speed action gameplay and cutting-edge graphics. Updated for modern platforms, Terminal Velocity: Boosted Edition will include smoother gameplay, upscaled graphics, a fast framerate, and improved sound, as well as achievements and trophies — a first for the game!

Updated for Modern Platforms: Experience the fast-paced action updated for modern platforms. Boosted Edition includes fast-texture mapped 3D flight with full 360-degree movement and 360-degree audio, making for smoother gameplay, upscaled graphics and improved sound!

New Challenges: A first for the franchise, achievements and trophies have been added, which add a slew of new challenges to face and keep players coming back for more!

A Whole Galaxy to Explore: With over 40,000 square miles of terrain and dozens of tunnels, players will battle across nine totally unique planets, each containing three levels of heart-pounding dogfights and perilous obstacles to avoid.

Death From Above: As players soar their way across each world, they’ll obtain seven destructive weapons, and look for life-saving (and enemy-crushing) power-ups, to help them engage in vicious air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

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