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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 11:43am 29/10/21 | 1 Comments
With development on Diablo Immortal continuing, the global launch is due sometime in 2022, today comes word that an Australian and Canadian Closed Beta has kicked off for Android. The update not only beings a suite of new things like the Necromancer and build augmenting Set Items, but also controller support! Yeah, after consistent feedback Blizzard is "adding limited controller support to gather valuable feedback".

This means it'll be usable for in-game action, with UI and menus and inventory to arrive in the future. The list of supported controllers for the Closed Beta include the Xbox controller, Sony's DualShock 4, and the Razer Kishi. This has been implemented on top of the touch controls that have been there for quite some-time so there are some caveats.
We’ve heard players loud and clear and our long-term goal is to provide full controller support for Diablo Immortal. We’re not there yet, and there is more work to do. The Closed Beta will give players an early preview of this functionality. This early look at controller support will allow the use of a controller to navigate around the world and engage in combat with monsters. This early controller support comes with some major caveats:
    1. The Closed Beta does not include controller support for UI menus such as inventory, skills, Codex, Paragon, or vendors. You will still need to use the touchscreen to navigate UI screens.

    2. Not all controllers are supported. Device compatibility is part of our testing goals during Closed Beta.

    3. You may experience some technical difficulties such as controller disconnection.

The Closed Beta brings a number of new things to the table so be sure to watch the trailer below or check out the detailed blog post here. Or check out the summary below.


The dead shall serve! The fan-favourite Necromancer joinsthe roster of playable classes alongside the Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard. Reanimate corpses to create an army of the dead while inflicting curses and pestilence upon the enemies of Sanctuary.


CHALLENGE OF THE IMMORTAL: This new PvP mode is being added to the Cycle of Strife, the eternal war between the Immortals and the Shadows. After the Shadows win the Rite of Exile against the Immortal faction, they’ll face the top Immortals player in a 30 (Shadows) vs. 1 (Immortal) battle—an epic final fight for supremacy. The Immortal player will gain a host of awe-inspiring powers, essentially becoming a raid boss that the Shadows will have to band together to take down.

BATTLEGROUND LADDERS: Ladders are being added to the 8v8 Battleground PvP system, where players can fight for the top spot as they compete and measure their skills against each other. Various class balance changes and other impactful elements are being added to Battleground PvP as well.

SET ITEMS AND SET BONUSES: A new end-game gear system, Set items, is being added for secondary gear slots (hands, feet, neck, waist, and two rings). Players will loot Set items that confer unique bonuses if three and six pieces are worn together, allowing for even more customisation options to fit any playstyle.

THE HELLIQUARY: Players will now be able to challenge the Helliquary raid bosses with up to eight players, adding even more mayhem and coordination to these fights and greater rewards for those who triumph.

CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Players will be able to preview controller support for Diablo Immortal. Controller functionality will be limited to character navigation and combat, while all UI menus will still be controlled by the touch screen. This will give testers a taste of what controller gameplay for Immortal will be like before the game launches.

OPTIONAL IN-GAME PURCHASES: For the first time, optional in-game purchases will be enabled to gain valuable feedback from our community and to test theirfunctionality. Beta testers will be able to purchase the Empowered Battle
Pass, Eternal Orbs, and promotional bundles. In-game purchase options are never required for progression. All player progress will be wiped at the end of the Closed Beta, and any purchases will be converted to equivalent in-game credits
and available in Diablo Immortal at launch.

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Runs like poo on my P30 Pro
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