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PAX Australia is going digital once again for 2021, with PAX Aus Online set to run from Friday, October 8 through to Sunday, October 10. PAX Online will be running across four streaming channels, Discord and include a virtual expo hall to explore. The local indie pavilion PAX Rising is returning too, and with that we've got word and details on all 2021 PAX Indie Showcase winners.

PAX Aus Online is set to kick off with a Storytime address by the award-winning team behind ‘Among Us’ at 11.30am (AEDT) on Friday October 8. Which will then lead into a stacked few days of community fun, panels, and plenty of games.

And speaking of games here's the breakdown on all 2021 PAX Indie Showcase winners, including the very first board games chosen.

Vault of the Void from Spider Nest Games (QLD)

A roguelite card game where you craft your deck, swapping in and out cards as you progress, perfecting the ultimate combos. Upgrade & customize your cards with Void Stones, infusing them with new abilities to help defeat the insidious minions that stand between you and The Void.

Steam Link

A Township Tale from Alta (NSW)

A Township Tale is a multiplayer VR RPG medieval fantasy game, where players band together to form a society, explore dungeons and work in a town as blacksmiths, woodcutters, farmers and many more.


Innchanted by Dragon Bear Studios (VIC)

Run a Magical Inn with friends. Taram's family Inn has been stolen by an evil wizard! To reclaim your family's legacy, team up with friends, manage your inn, brew potions, cook, and fight in a magical co-op inn adventure for 1-4 players.

Steam Link

Mars First Logistics by Ian MacLarty (VIC)

Mars First Logistics is an open world physics simulation game where you deliver a wide variety of awkwardly shaped cargo between remote outposts using your own mechanical creations. Earn credits, unlock new technology, and use your ingenuity to help establish a new colony on Mars.

Steam Link

CONSCRIPT by Jordan Mochi (VIC)

During the First World War, a lone French soldier must navigate twisted trenches, scavenge for limited supplies and solve complex puzzles - all whilst fighting for survival in the midst of mankind’s most brutal and horrifying conflict. CONSCRIPT is a new take on classic survival horror.

Steam Link

Blueberry, by Mellow Games (QLD)

Go on a journey through a woman’s mind from birth to death in this emotional story platformer. Climb the Tower of Life and gather the pieces of Blueberry's shattered memories, find the missing ones and unravel the mystery of her trauma.

Steam Link

DRiFT by James Allen (NSW)

Feel the thrill of racing like never before with DRIFT, the next level in tabletop racing games for 2-4 players, featuring the exciting world of drift racing.


Letter Drop by Cutlass Boardgames (NSW)

Kingless by Two19 (TAS)

Kingless is a fast-paced and easy-to-learn card game designed to capture the imagination. You will compete against 1 - 5 friends in snappy 20 minute games, the goal is to obtain the highest influence and become King earning an advantage in the next round.


Floating Floors by Guf Studios (VIC)

Floating Floors is a tactical balancing duel in which you, a ninja, become the architect of your own domain, creating a labyrinth of floating floorboards for your rival to cross.


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