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Shadow Man: Remastered brings back the cult-classic Nintendo 64-era action-adventure horror -- with remaster specialists Nightdive Studios at the helm. With 4k widescreen support, remastered textures and improved visual effects -- plus some cut-content thrown in for good measure -- it's available now on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

Here's the launch trailer.

Shadow Man is the brave and powerful supernatural hero who protects humanity from the sinister demons that lurk in the Deadside and spill into our world. The SHADOW MAN video game was originally developed by Acclaim Studios and published for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast in 1999. Considered a “lost classic” for years, the PC version of the game was published again in its original form by Nightdive Studios in 2014. SHADOW MAN: REMASTERED was updated using Nightdive’s proprietary KEX engine which has been used to restore classic video games across all digital platforms including System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Blood: Fresh Supply, and Forsaken Remastered.

With Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation coming later this year, here's a breakdown of all the updates and changes.
3 New Levels:
    "Summer Camp, Florida" (Day and Night)
    "Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert" (Day and Night)
    "Asylum Station 2 - Experimentation Rooms"

New Audio (from the original games composer, Tim Haywood):
    Remastered music and SFX
    New music and SFX for the restored levels
    Restored cut/unused voice dialog in levels

Art Updates:
    Switch between the original textures and the new high resolution textures
    HD Textures for all levels and objects
    Nvidia Intro Cutscene Textures
    HD HUD and inventory icons plus a new icon for the Shadow Gun
    Restored unused animations
    Restored several cut and censored models from the original levels
    N64 Gad Icons

Gameplay Improvements:
    New weapon wheel to select weapons faster as time is slowed down
    Improved controls
    Improved destructible objects using Bullet Physics
    Auto targeting
    Tweaked/improved AI
    Levels rearranged as originally intended
    A ton of fixes across the entire game to each level from object to geometry fixes
    Fixes to the localization for English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian

New Weapons:
    A second Violator (Consistent with the N64 version)
    Sawed-off Shotgun (replaces the second regular shotgun)
    New model and many sound variations for the Shadow Gun

New Enemies:
    Yort, Yort Floater, The Seraph Queen, Seraph, Dead Worm, Unused zombie restored in Station 2, One arm Tenement Zombie.

Rendering Improvements:
    Support for 4k resolution with 240hz refresh rate
    Dynamic Per Pixel Lighting
    Clustered Forward Shadow Mapping
    Order-independent transparency

New Post Processing Effects:
    Ambient Occlusion
    Anisotropic Filtering
    Motion Blur
    Film Grain
    Depth of Field

    All the secrets from the N64/Dreamcast/PC included in this remaster
    Plus many more to be discovered!

shadow manremasteredpc

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