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Developer Cloud Chamber Studios is working on the next game in the BioShock series, and as per new listings for job openings we can glean one bit of key info -- it will be open world.

The Senior World Designer job is looking for someone to "enhance the Narrative of the world, and make the game world feel alive, encouraging players to stay and explore". The listing also notes experimentation (that is working through how the story and other elements will come together), pointing to the game probably still being quite early on in the development cycle. Going open world is an interesting choice for BioShock, and although that term can mean a lot of different things -- this in particular is starting to sound a lot like a narrative driven open-world RPG of sorts.

World events, quests, AI that behaves in a way that looks and feels natural to the world, these are all elements mentioned in the new job listings. And sounds, on paper at least, a little Bethesda. With the Senior Writer role specifically mentioning that it will all take place in an "open world setting" the next BioShock is shaping up to be something a little different.

It's been quite a while since the release of BioSchok Infinite, and with Rapture and Columbia serving as evocative settings for both storytelling and first-person action (plus, both existing in an ambitious multiverse) odds are this new game will reference one or both.

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