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That features a style similar to Resident Evil or Silent Hills except with signs for Kenny Rogers Chicken and Festivus supplies -- and feats of strength. Sinfeld Remastered takes a popular Dreams creation, with help from backers, and recreates and remasters it in Unreal Engine 4 with a planned PlayStation 5 release on the cards.

As a Seinfeld parody, well, it's weird. Sure there are many references to the classic '90s sitcom found throughout this trailer -- but seeing it all filtered through a horror lens is bizarre. Check it out.

As for the premise you take control of Donathan, in New York, trapped in "an endless loop of nightmares" trying to find somewhere to sleep. And from there a string of Seinfeld references are twisted into the setting. From Frogger machines to Assman graffiti. Described as an "action horror comedy parody" it's definitely something. Based on a show about nothing.

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