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It wouldn’t be CES without a few head turners, and with Razer’s Project Hazel Face Mask it’s the sort of creation that makes perfect sense in the current climate. A tricked out high-tech N95 face mask designed for gamers. Featuring medical-grade protection it features “detachable and rechargeable active ventilators” and “Smart Pods that regulate airflow for optimal breathability”. Plus, a clear transparent design and, yeah, lighting. Two customisable Razer Chroma RGB lighting zones in fact.

Also Razer VoiceAmp Technology (patent pending) to amplify the wearer’s voice. Made with scratch-resistant materials and recycled plastics the Project Hazel looks to be an extension of Razer’s own COVID-19 support where to date the company has manufactured 1 million surgical face masks for frontline workers. So yeah, even though an RGB face mask sounds a little silly -- it’s actually pretty cool.

For more on Razer’s Project Hazel -- head here.

Also cool, and silly, and somewhat incredible is the Project Brooklyn gaming chair concept which at a glance looks like a premium ergonomic place-sitter you’d place in your gaming setup. Comfy, premium carbon fibre materials, and high-density foam that moulds and realigns based on your own booty profile. Plus, a button.

A strange button.

A button that demands you press it. Like, right now. So you do.

And this is where Project Brooklyn becomes “a fully immersive gaming station complete with panoramic visuals from a 60-inch rollout display”. An OLED display. And Razer HyperSense haptic feedback so you feel the action. As a concept Razer’s hopes for it to be used as a tool for professionals to improve their game.

Still, it’s a little insane. For more on Razer’s Project Brooklyn -- head here.

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