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Which is such a perfectly epic title. The Ancient Gods Part One sounds like something more than mere expansion, and in terms of its scope DOOM Eternal game director Hugo Martin said the following as part of overnight's Welcome to QuakeCon at Home presentation.

"Hell was ripped, Heaven was torn, and the Slayer's legend grew. Your rampage of destruction saved humanity from extinction, but it came at a cost. Now there's an imbalance of power in the heavens, and the true ruler of the Doom universe must rise to set things right. It's all very cool, very comic-book."

Check it out.

Yeah it looks very cool, though as a teaser it means the full trailer is set to debut as part of the opening night festivities of the also digital Gamescom 2020 later this month. As the follow-up to the absolutely brilliant DOOM Eternal (our full review here) no doubt we're keen to see the Slayer go from slaying demons on Mars, Earth, to now being embroiled in a struggle that involves the very fabric of the universe.

Which many of you will be too - where instead of boring sales figures Hugo also mentioned that since launch over 12 billion demons have been slayed with over 2.9 billion Glory Kills. And even though the priority is to create more single-player campaign content, the team is also still working to bring the long-in-the-works Invasion mode to the game in addition to new BattleMode maps.

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