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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 10:25pm 05/08/20 | 3 Comments
And by 'Our' I mean be sure to check out my full preview 'Horizon Zero Dawn is the Best Game I Haven’t Played' -- because, before hitting PC it was always one of those PS4-exclusives that I wanted to play (but never got around to). And now with it enhanced and looking better than ever it's the sort of game that still manages to stand out in an already impressive line-up of PC releases for 2020.

Paired with impressive art direction and a style that is as focused on beauty as it is technical detail, this 2020 re-release that also includes The Frozen Wilds expansion in a Complete Edition is simply put – stunning. Some of its advanced visual effects and graphics options make it look next-gen too – a little glimpse at the sort of stuff we’ll be seeing in the PlayStation 5-bound sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

I mean, it’s nuts.

Built on developer Guerrilla’s in-house Decima engine, the same toolset and technical wizardry that powered Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding (another PS4-first title that recently got an equally impressive PC release), this version of Horizon takes an already solid foundation and adds all manner of premium bits and bobs. Like modifying a bow for more damage or better handling or upgrading a few pouches so you can store more rabbit meat, Horizon Zero Dawn on PC takes full advantage of current high-end graphics technology.

Our Full Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition PC Preview

horizon zero dawncomplete editionpcpreview

Latest Comments
Posted 04:47am 06/8/20
what an excellent game. definately top 3 all time games on any platform for me.
Posted 11:12am 06/8/20
It's now available for preload.

Anyone have the exact time of release?
Posted 01:45pm 09/8/20
Game is good, but...

Someone needs to add DLSS 2.0. I'm afraid I must insist. You see, my GPU has been most vocal on the subject of the DLSS 2.0. "Where is the DLSS 2.0?" "When are you going to get the DLSS 2/0?" "Why aren't you getting the DLSS 2.0 now?" And so on. So please, the DLSS 2.0.

Going from 140fps Death Stranding looking wonderful to 50-70fps HZD also looking wonderful is quite jarring. I reckon any game that would benefit from DLSS 2.0 that doesn't use it should be judged harshly. It's literal magic.
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