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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:55pm 14/05/20 | 10 Comments
With Grand Theft Auto V unlocking at 1am AEST tonight and available to add to your Epic Games Store collection to keep. The offer will expire on May 21. Epic took to Twitter to make the announcement, which brings the biggest game of all time to the PC storefront. No word on how it will play with mods, but this is a pretty major scoop for the service.

Being a game that has been a top seller since its debut in 2013 (the PC version arrived in 2015) there's a chance you've played this. Or, maybe you've got it on console and haven't jumped into it on PC. Our review was of the original Xbox 360 version - which just goes to show you the staying power of Grand Theft Auto V.

Edit: The offer is now online, but the Epic Games site is struggling with the load so is currently unavailable - try again later!

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:03pm 14/5/20
Wow!! That is, no pun intended, a pretty epic freebie
Posted 03:48pm 14/5/20
Sure is. Unfortunately already own on console. But free is free!
Posted 05:06pm 14/5/20
wow, they must have paid rockstar a f*** ton of cash. the game is always on the monthly highest seller lists so it's still selling like hotcakes even after 7 years.
Posted 05:09pm 14/5/20
It's basically a F2P game at this point so they'll probably end up making a net profit even if Epic didn't pay them anything.
Posted 07:58am 15/5/20
Can't load the games launcher, can't log in...I'm guessing this free offer nuked them?
Posted 08:27am 15/5/20
Finally they found the freebie that gets literally everyone to sign up for EGS! Kinda surprised that they're having capacity issues given they do Fortnite. (I would not be surprised to hear they're blaming a DDOS at some point.)
Posted 10:00am 15/5/20
Seems to be working now
Posted 10:23am 15/5/20
Yeah it's working again now.

I already have on Steam but grabbed it again on Epic just cause I could.
Posted 04:20pm 15/5/20
Sweet, nabbed it. Thanks for the heads up!
Posted 08:05am 21/5/20
Finally they found the freebie that gets literally everyone to sign up for EGS!
Me too, the EGS has been awesome. Most people probably just can't be bothered though I suppose.
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