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That as per the video was in development at one time at Ubisoft Montreal, the same studio behind the recently announced Assassin's Creed Valhalla. And by 'one time' we mean this video has been sitting on YouTube since 2012. Just sitting there unnoticed - which puts the development timeline for Prince of Persia Redemption at around 2010-2011.

Check it out.

According to one LinkedIn profile of a developer who was at Ubisoft at the time they worked on "an entire level of a (Persia) city in destruction with scripted (events)" which describes this video to a t. As a demo the series' time control mechanics, combat, and parkour is all here and highly polished too. The environmental destruction in particular is impressive. Odds are this was a cinematic E3-style gameplay demo created for a project that was cancelled before it was properly fleshed out.

Prince of Persia is an interesting Ubisoft series in that it seems Assassin's Creed took over the fluid movement, third-person combat, and AAA-level production values when the current generation of consoles came into the picture. With Prince of Persia slowly fading away. As this gameplay footage from over eight years ago shows, perhaps it's a series in need of a reboot.

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