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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:17pm 15/04/19 | 1 Comments
Petroglyph, a studio made-up of veteran developers who worked on the original Command & Conquer series, is putting the final touches on its horde-mode meets RTS survival game set in the Conan universe. Although not being a traditional RTS might make it sound like a lesser game, the latest Conan Unconquered gameplay video is here to prove otherwise.

Where it looks to be a very action-heavy experience where decisions and strategy truly matter. Plus, there are some truly crazy elements. As per the headline, as you defend your walls from waves of attackers the corpses will pile up. Left alone this can lead to disease and turmoil for your fortress. Or, a necromancer that can come in and turn them into an army of the undead.

Conan Unconquered is a fast-paced strategy game where players face wave after wave of enemies in ever-increasing numbers and difficulty. To withstand the savage hordes players must build an unconquerable stronghold and put up walls and other defensive measures to avoid utter destruction. While the game can be played entirely in single-player, two players can also play together online to build a shared stronghold while fending off the enemy hordes allowing for a unique, cooperative multiplayer experience.

In this new bit of gameplay we also get to see that units like Conan act as heroes, able to deal massive damage to large groups. Time will tell if procedural generation will lead to enough variety in the maps and environments to keep you coming back for more, but in the meantime we're keen to check it out.

Conan Unconquered launches May 30 for PC.

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