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With the developer making sure that it's ANZ pricing ($17 AU and $18 NZ) is more in line with conversion rates after Steam's switch to local pricing in the region. Which according to the press release required manual adjustment over the recommended pricing. As for the game, well this is one definitely worth checking out. A fun Wolfenstein 3D inspired shooter that's also inspired by classic 80s films, arcade games, and the 8-bit NES and 16-bit SNES eras.

Originally available exclusively via, where it exceeded initial sales expectation based on a supportive community. Here's a snippet from our review,

Like young musicians employing 1980s production techniques, or filmmakers creating period pieces in settings and timeframes that they recall from a picture or film, Project Warlock is a wild ride of inspiration and the execution of solid first-person combat. First up, there’s the look which offers a surprising level of customisation to mimic old-school colour palettes across a wide variety of classic hardware – including C64, VHS scanline, and distortion.

The pixel-art might be in line with the era that brought us Doom, but Project Warlock employs robust lighting, reflections, and art direction for enemies and objects that feel more like a blend of classic 8-bit NES-era action games like Contra with Nintendo-like animated sprites. The levels also feel more like a nod to classic first-person dungeon crawlers and the low ceiling maze-like design of Wolfenstein than something like Doom or Quake. Verticality is all but absent outside of the odd elevator ride, but even this older-school design choice doesn’t affect the enjoyment in any meaningful way.

If you're a fan of the genre or an old-school retro lover be sure to check it out. Even if you're not, as Project Warlock was designed primarily by a single high-school student. Very cool. Here's a link to the Steam Page.

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