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At BlizzCon, the surprise Diablo announcement was the existence of a brand new game built from the ground up for mobile devices called Diablo Immortal. The initial reaction and backlash by certain fans proved to be somewhat deafening, even though the game itself looked solid. Mainly it all boils down to Blizzard still waiting for the right time to officially acknowledge the existence of Diablo 4.
'Multiple projects in the works' is so close, they might as well just say it at this point. But, Diablo Immortal - regardless of your feelings on the mobile platform - is a lot of fun to play. It feels like Diablo and the team is going to great lengths to ensure that it's a full-featured experience at launch. Which means the same greet loot-based combat and progression alongside a cinematic story that can be tackled alone or with others.
“We wanted to bring this game, and the Diablo universe to a completely new audience and to make the community grow,” Matthew Berger, senior content designer on Blizzard's Diablo Immortal team explains. “And so that was our goal from the beginning, but for this to be meaningful it had to be a real Diablo experience.” Matthew Berger has been with the Diablo III team since it launched in 2012, where in addition to designing new content played a key role in bringing the game to consoles. Diablo Immortal, by all accounts is being treated with the same focus on quality and attention to detail found across Blizzard’s entire library. In other words, regardless of your opinion of the mobile platform – this is a real Diablo game.

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