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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:06pm 06/07/18 | 0 Comments
The July Xbox One dash and OS update is starting to roll out and introduces one of the cool bits of AI-driven tech announced at E3 - FastStart. Essentially it improves the 'Ready to Play' feature to ensure games can be played sooner while downloading - and it's all based around what players see and do. Perfect for Game Pass, the new technology will result in less time watching download bars and more time playing.

FastStart begins its rollout on select English language titles available to play via Game Pass and will rollout to include other games and languages in the future. Other notable changes coming in the update include being able to 'Group' games and apps into folders, improved search functionality, and several streaming specific updates related to Mixer and broadcast quality.

For a detailed breakdown, head here.

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