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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 12:45pm 31/05/18 | 4 Comments
Called Active Shooter it was described as a S.W.A.T. simulator where you're tasked with heading into a school to deal with an active shooter. But, you could also play as the shooter and gun down children. Upsetting that it made it to the Steam storefront at all, with Valve (after people got upset over its release) pulling the game and banning both the developer and publisher.

Created by Revived Games and Acid, Active Shooter was apparently the work of a single developer. One who was previously banned from Steam under a different company name and known for releasing a succession of quick asset-flips on the platform. Games that took familiar properties and well tried to cash-in using cheap tactics and mostly terrible presentation.

In a statement Valve specifically called out the developer, naming them a troll, due to "a history of customer abuse, publishing copyrighted material, and user review manipulation. His subsequent return under new business names was a fact that came to light as we investigated the controversy around his upcoming title. We are not going to do business with people who act like this towards our customers or Valve."

Further to this Valve states that it will be reviewing Steam content policies and plans to address that side of the controversy in the near future. Although one might, like the developer, point to titles like Postal as games with far more disturbing content the fact that Active Shooter was announced so soon after the most recent school shooting in the U.S. points to the overall "troll" like behaviour of the developer.

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Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:41pm 31/5/18
It's despicable this was even greenlit to make it to the platform
Posted 02:13am 01/6/18
Might I play devil's advocate and say that whilst terrorism is considered despicable we're allowed to (and indeed frequently do so even in triple A titles) play as terrorists with out question. I understand why people consider it abhorrent however games have always operated on the 'it's fiction so it doesn't count' defense for decades now.
Posted 01:05pm 01/6/18
I think the difference between this and games that feature playable terrorists is that those games are within the context of a battlefield absent of civilians. I'd say there'd be an argument if there was a game where you're planning and attacking a civilian populace.
Posted 07:33pm 01/6/18
There are enumerable titles where civillians can targeted and killed. All of gta for starters. In the more 'planned' sense Call of Duty was famous for its airport massacre. Even the venerable Red Alert's first soviet misson had the player wipe out a village ostensibly opposed to Stalin. Many millitary titles (e.g. Arma) will include civillians in the battlefield, and one can certainly target them. Or get into the map editor and populate entire cities before flattening the lot.

Games offer plenty of well known opportunities to do this. I dont even need to discuss esoterica like Postal or Hatred - both of which were comercially available civillian massacre simulators with no other objective. I'm not arguing for the morality of it - but if you want to take such a position you d need to start with a little-known fps called counter strike (the game in which executing hostages either changes the play conditions or out right gives the win).
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