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With hackers claiming that it all comes down to an unfixable hardware exploit part of Nvidia's Tegra X1 processor USB recovery mode. Meaning that for the 15 million or so Nintendo Switches out in the world, they could all be hacked and potentially modified to run unlicensed or unsanctioned games or programs.

The exploit was discovered by hacker Katherine Temkin of ReSwitched in what is being called the Fusée Gelée vulnerability. What makes this hack more damaging overall to the prospect of illegal software and emulation is that it occurs at the hardware level utilising an aspect of Nvidia's processor that is seemingly unfixable for units out there. With Nintendo currently ramping up Nintendo Switch production to meet the demand for the console globally one wonders how long it might take for the issue to be resolved at the manufacturing level. Because as per the claims, a software or OS update won't do it.

It's worth noting that groups like ReSwitched and others aren't attempting to hack the Nintendo Switch for piracy, but instead for homebrew purposes and even to be able to move save game data from the console to an external source. As even to this day all digital Nintendo Switch data whether it be store purchases or saved games is tied to specific hardware.

That being said it hasn't stopped people from getting a version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker up and running on the Linux version of the Dolphin GameCube emulator.

Group Fail0verflow even went so far as to release a version of the exploit alongside a Linux launcher for the Nintendo Switch. No word from Nintendo or Nividia about the news, but we'll keep you posted if they do officially respond.

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