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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:05pm 11/07/17 | 6 Comments
Which puts the price in the range of $600 AUD. Which, is incredibly cheap when you consider that the more mass market PlayStation VR currently retails for $549.95. Part of an Oculus Rift Summer Sale the pack comes with a Headset, Touch Controllers, Two Sensors, Remote, and Xbox One Wireless Controller. A bargain.

There's no telling how long this deal will be up for (apparently six weeks), so be sure to head here if you're interested.

Thanks to Khel for pointing this out in the forums.

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Posted 10:16pm 11/7/17
A good start, I still feel its a bit expensive to be truely mainstream yet.
Posted 11:19pm 11/7/17
not bad, probably better to wait for the Valve knuckles controllers
Posted 11:08am 12/7/17
Oculus touch controllers are damn good too. I'll admit, I wasn't really a fan of VR at all, I had written it off as another gimmick in the same vein as motion controllers, but after trying it out myself I'm a convert. S*** is off the hook.
Posted 10:19pm 12/7/17
The recent developments in wireless VR are exciting for me, I would find the tethering to my machine by a bunch of cables so annoying. The prototype HTC Vive wireless rig looks very enticing and the Intel Wigig solution looks pretty effective too. But the ability to put new motion sensors on just about anything, especially weapons and such looks nice as well.

I saw a review on the Chinese Primax 4k VR but is in fact 2k each eye but for a 'sit down' only VR experience and for its price, half of the competitors, it looked seriously bloody good. Personally I think that VR will reach maturity in about another year...then we shall see some seriously good stuff. HTC reckon they will have 3000 content items for VR by end of 2017. That shows a dedication to its future if nothing else.
Posted 11:12am 13/7/17
Yeah, theres still not a lot of games with real meat on them though, lots of 'experiences' or games you're sick of after a handful of hours, or multiplayer games that end up dead after a few weeks. A few triple A developers are starting to get on board and bringing out a few more significant offerings, but they're still very much feeling their way through things and still figuring out how to make best use of all the new toys.

Lone Echo looks pretty cool though, and it has a multiplayer mode that looks its basically the combat training from Ender's Game

Posted 11:22pm 31/7/17
I've ordered but there's a huge backlog of orders so it's a month+ to get billed and your order dispatched. :(
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