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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:21pm 23/06/17 | 1 Comments
One of the surprise reveals at Ubisoft's E3 conference was the very cool Beyond Good and Evil 2 cinematic trailer that closed out the show. It displayed a strange and exciting sci-fi world full of character, colour, and action. What we didn't see though was any gameplay, with Creative Director Michel Ancel stating that with work on the engine complete, development on the actual game portion has only just begun.

And now we have a fascinating look at an in-engine demo of what Beyond Good & Evil 2 currently looks like. And we have to say, it's certainly impressive. But also highlights the fact that we'll probably be waiting a few years to see the final product. In the demonstration, presented by Michel Ancel we see shades of both Star Citizen and No Man's Sky. Yeah, Beyond Good & Evil 2 features the sort of crazy sci-fi stuff that game have only begun to scratch the surface of, with intricately designed systems around planetary time, celestial bodies, and being able to zoom out from a character standing on an impressive structure, all the way into space. And beyond.

And then there's the ship stuff. It looks and sounds pretty amazing. But again, as an in-engine demo, how long will we have to wait until the game is out?

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Posted 02:52pm 23/6/17
Super cool. With open worlds, the gameworld is super important. I guess with NMS the world was huge but the content sparse. With Zelda BotW the world was limited (relatively) but the content was high (again relatively). There's always this trade-off between size and content. I feel like BotW and HZD balanced these two aspects very nicely.

However this game has gone all out, on the scale of NMS. Adding content that engages the player but doesn't overwhelm is going to be tricky. I think if they're smart, they'll purposefully create a world that is both populated and sparse at the same time. Certain planets will be teaming with life, while whole sections are going to be dead. Lovely hand crafted planets combined with procedurally generated ones.

Looking forward to seeing more! I hope they don't f*** it up.
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