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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:07pm 07/06/17 | 1 Comments
In a new PvE event packed with quests, bosses, and loot drops. Called "The Trials of King Hercules", developer Hi-Rez Studios has described it as an MMO-like dungeon experience for SMITE. Which, admittedly sounds awesome. And to celebrate its launch on PC (with consoles to get the update next week) we've got a batch of Dread-Lord Fafnir to give away.

“We are extremely excited to bring a full dungeon experience to SMITE players for the first time ever,” said Travis Brown, Project Lead on SMITE Adventures. “The Trials of King Hercules is our most detailed SMITE Adventure to date with unique methods of progression, quests, mobs, bosses, and loot drops. If you ever wondered what it would be like to take your favorite SMITE gods on an RPG dungeon adventure now is the time to live that fantasy.”

The Trials of King Hercules is three player experience.

Head here for an exclusive Dread-Lord Fafnir skin.

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Posted 03:34pm 07/6/17
ehhhhhh I dunno.

I liked my time trying Smite... but it was without question the most toxic game and environment I've ever experienced. I have pretty thick skin - hell, remember the targeted f***-headery of the FXR group I put up with in the TNN days? Even that wasn't enough to drive me away from Q3. But Smite? Holy s***.

Yeah, I don't have the time to put up with people who want to unleash that much toxicity on to random strangers. I noped the f*** out and went backt o playing Rocket League, before Rocket League got bad. Mind you, Overwatch is worse than Rocket League was, and I play ~125-150 hours per season (3 months) of that.
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