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Post by Joaby @ 10:18am 03/05/17 | 4 Comments
Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with Raphael Colantonio, Co-creative Director at Arkane Studios, about Prey. I asked him directly about the lack of a PC demo, and whether people could infer a lack of confidence in the PC version as a result.

"It's just a resource assignment thing. We couldn't do a demo on both the console and on the PC, we had to choose. And besides, PC has Steam. Steam players can just return the game [prior to playing] 2 hours so it's like a demo already. I also want to clarify that there's no PC port. I keep on hearing 'oh they're going to screw up the PC port' there is no PC port. We do the game on PC. It's a PC game. It's a different engine to Dishonored as well. So we might have our own sets of problems, but we are of course very careful because of what happened with Dishonored 2. So we wanted to make sure the PC version of Prey is good."

"We have always developed our games on PC, we're PC developers. The thing on PC though, sometimes it's just the wrong timing. The drivers just came out at the same time as your game, or the hardware combinations out there are so numerous that we can't test absolutely everything and sometimes that's just what it is. Bad timing, bad luck. But we've worked on it a lot. I'm not saying there won't be any problem at all, but I'm pretty confident right now."

We'll have more from that interview coming later on, including more revelations. What do you think of Raph's answer? As someone who didn't have any issues with Dishonored 2 on PC I think it stands up, but I was very aware that people were having issues.

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Posted 03:15pm 03/5/17
Which is all well and good except it means that you have to buy from Steam, which is currently selling it for $80usd ($106.5aud). Or you could buy it from GMG for $47.99usd ($64aud), ozgameshop for $58aud or from jb hifi for $60aud. So the only way to refund it through Steam is to pay an extra $40+ for the privilege.
Posted 06:57pm 03/5/17
Good point - but seems to me like you could play it for 2 hours, see if you wanted to keep it, and then refund it and buy it again cheaper elsewhere, right?
Posted 07:29pm 03/5/17
his comments are an interesting twist on basically ignoring the PC release and what seem's to have become a thing of discussion threads on Steam calling for boycotting the game's release for x y and z reason

it doesn't matter what they're saying about it as long as they're talking about it.

i think it's unlikely that games like this even get to be released that paying a price for something you will probably get a lot of enjoyment out of is maybe worth more than wasting time and energy complaining about how much a game costs, which is disappointing when you look into the regional pricing structure and that it's all transacted in USD in Steam; which is lined with a lot of convenience and almost what you just have accept to do to play on PC

Posted 07:53pm 03/5/17
Good point - but seems to me like you could play it for 2 hours, see if you wanted to keep it, and then refund it and buy it again cheaper elsewhere, right?

Yeah, just drop a deposit of $100+ and set your alarm so you don't accidentally play it for 121 minutes.

Definitely a reasonable solution.
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