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Out tomorrow we've spent some considerable time with Relic's latest Warhammer 40,000 outing to bring you our verdict. Spoiler alert, it's pretty good! Taking a different approach to the action-RPG styling of Dawn of War II the third game in the series (standalone expansions aside) sees a return of base building and amassing large armies. And in a strange twist, MOBA-style structure and objectives for the multiplayer.

The inclusion of Elites may feel like a carryover from Dawn of War II, but without the associated RPG mechanics they’re more MOBA-characters than anything else. Called in at various intervals (depending on how many Elite points you have) their abilities are tied to QWE on the keyboard, and unlocked the moment they spawn in. In terms of impact, Elite units can indeed change the tide of battle -- and in the campaign, they’re indispensable. That’s not to say that a large army isn’t required or useful, but to succeed in Dawn of War III you can’t have one without the other. But controlling up to three Elites, in addition to a large army that also have abilities, can quickly devolve into a micromanagement nightmare. Thankfully this is alleviated by some great AI, where squads who are even given the broadest of commands will know who or what to attack first.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:43pm 26/4/17
Units seem to have lost their character from previous installments..and the animations leave allot to be desired from all the vids I've seen
Posted 09:22am 27/4/17
I dunno, I reckon the Emperor has a bit more in common with a space hitler than a space pope
Posted 10:49am 27/4/17
I really like the Beta, I bought it and keen to play!
Posted 06:39pm 27/4/17
I'm guessing Last Stand mode is gone now that the game's basically a reskinned Starcraft?
Posted 05:51pm 30/4/17
No..starcraft is a good game this, this is just crap honestly they have ruined Dawn of War with this boring ugly slapshop job the animations the story the combat all have lost what made DOW 1-2 great
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