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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 06:07pm 04/04/17 | 21 Comments
In an interview with IGN, id Software's Tim Willits advised that the Quake Champions team is all prepped to setup Australian servers for the upcoming Closed Beta. That is, once the North American and European markets are taken care of. Proclaiming, "I love my Australian fans, but y’all live on the other side of the world!" he went on to advise that they're teaming up with a "major server cloud company" in Australia, and that invites to the Quake Champions beta will only go out once servers go online.

The Closed Beta for Quake Champions starts later this week for those north of the equatorial divide, which means we'll be getting in on the action a few weeks after that. id Software has advised that the Closed Beta roll-out will be a gradual one and that it will start off small. In the words of Tim Willits, "No-one panic in Australia, we got you guys covered. We will get you into the Closed Beta after we get our servers spun up in North America and Europe, but you guys are not far behind."


And on that note, here's a look at the most recent Quake Champions reveal, Anarki, the, err, cybernetic transhuman punk that rides a hover-board. Bodacious.

quake championsaustralian serversclosed betaid software

Latest Comments
Posted 07:30pm 04/4/17

Not happy about this news!
Posted 08:43pm 04/4/17
Haha, perfect.
Posted 08:44pm 04/4/17
i guess that's why i didn't get a confirmation email when signing up for beta.
Posted 08:46pm 04/4/17
Can't wait!
Posted 06:09pm 05/4/17
I want to complain about this but it's just a beta so I am prepared to give them a pass; it makes sense to not have servers up everywhere on beta day 1.
Posted 06:42pm 05/4/17
Does anyone know if this is going to go to the Bethesda launcher or on Steam for release ?
Posted 07:26pm 05/4/17
Gameplay video of Anarki

Posted 08:47pm 05/4/17
I feel like bunny hopping makes it look kind of weird. I know it's a key part of skill differentiation but it just seems like an almost silly artifact from previous versions.
Posted 11:53pm 05/4/17
People have it in their head now though that it's the 'pro' thing to do, so they'll do it whether it helps or not. I mean, people bunny hop around in Overwatch and it has zero benefit, but they still do it and it looks ridiculous
Posted 08:13am 06/4/17
yeah but overwatch isn't designed with that in mind, this game is. movement varies depending on the champion. some have quake 3 movement, others (like anarki in the video) have CPMA style movement.
Posted 08:11pm 06/4/17
^ oh then that is actually pretty cool. Some characters getting bonus for bunny hopping and some getting penalised (with some other benefit) sounds kind of cool.

edit: it sounds like it's getting a bit Dota-esque actually.
Posted 08:50pm 06/4/17
that video look s*** compared to overwatch
Posted 09:32pm 06/4/17
Another champion video

Posted 09:40pm 06/4/17
that video look s*** compared to overwatch

STFU noob
Posted 10:06pm 06/4/17
Posted 06:38pm 07/4/17
Is this going to be free to play ?
Posted 07:10pm 07/4/17
STFU noob

i hate blizzard, but seriously that video looked like ass compared with how polished overwatch is.

i am being forced to review my thoughts on blizzard.

they can pull s*** together.
Posted 07:13pm 07/4/17
also pov is wrong
Posted 12:55am 08/4/17
Is this going to be free to play ?

there's a free to play version and a paid version. i believe there's also microtransactions. :/
Posted 01:55am 08/4/17
there's a free to play version and a paid version. i believe there's also microtransactions. :/
I'm not worried about microtransactions as long as they're done Dota style. I've gotten over 4000 games out of Dota and haven't paid a cent!
Posted 12:00pm 08/4/17
I'm in the beta, it's a different take to Quake but very much has Quake elements as it's core.

Need to remember that the last Quake game was released over 10 years ago, this in a way is a modernisation of classic Quake on what we are seeing now in the FPS genre. Old school Quake just isn't going to sell enough.

There is the 'free' version which is where you only get one champion (Ranger) and then there are micro transactions (called Favor) so that you can get other champions (renting essentially) with in-game currency that you earn by playing.

The paid version is the 'Champions pack' where you are basically buying the game out-right and have access to all champions. I'll be getting that, even if I don't like Quake Champions, I won't regret paying for it because of how much entertainment value Quake has provided me for a long time.

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