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Post by Joaby @ 10:08am 24/02/17 | 6 Comments
At a recent Mass Effect: Andromeda event I got the opportunity to put the moves on an Angaran, one of the new races in Mass Effect Andromeda. The Angaran, who looks like a person with the face of a cat and the head of a squid, seemed receptive to my advances. I even asked him if we could 'get together' and he indicated in the affirmative. Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to... uh... dry the ink.

An Angaran.

Later, when I had the opportunity to sit down with BioWare Producer Fabrice Condominas, I asked him the hard question. Here is our conversation verbatim.

Joab: "I was talking to a... cat-squid dude. I guess. And he seemed to indicate that he would be down to get freaky with me, but I couldn't work out how to go to bone town with him. Is that just not implemented in this build yet, or had I not put enough work in, or… because, I was all "How about it?" and he replied, it was pretty awkward dialogue, which was good because it reflected my attitude to the situation. Anyway my character said "wanna do it?" and he was all "yeah sure let's go," but I couldn't work out how to make it happen."

Fabrice Condominas: "It depends on your choices, you still have to build the relationship and bond up."

Joab: "Ok, fair enough. But, ok, how would relations with a squid-cat dude work? Do they have compatible genitals, or, like, what's happening there?"

Fabrice: "Well if you play the game you'll definitely have an answer for that. You have to make the right choices though, because they're not as easy to get with."

Pretty coy. Can you go to bone town with a cat-squid dude in Mass Effect Andromeda? There's only one more month until launch before you'll find out!

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:45pm 24/2/17
This is the greatest investigative videogame journalism of all time
Posted 07:32pm 24/2/17
Cat-squid dude with a monocle, too high class for me
Posted 08:29pm 24/2/17
There is a way, shoot them in the head and skull f*** them. Don't look at me like that, I'm not the one who is trying to smash a squid dude. *Stares at Joaby warily*
Posted 01:02am 25/2/17
Now you've gone and made it weird
Posted 08:58am 25/2/17
To be honest I think I covered my curiosity pretty well with my first link.
Posted 01:11pm 25/2/17
Now you've gone and made it weird

Excellent, my work here is done.

It is true, Joaby, Since man looked up at the stars long ago, He wondered if there was something up there that he could stick his dong into.

It does look like it won't be as bad as I thought. I am not 100% sold on the more faster/fluid combat, I liked the cover shooting thing from previous games.
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