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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:20pm 06/12/16 | 6 Comments
Given that it was only released a short while ago, Sony has already taken the lion's share of the Virtual Reality (VR) market thanks to the release of the PlayStation VR headset. According to a new report over at Venture Beat, thanks to the 40-50 million PlayStation 4's out in the wild, PSVR has already managed to obtain 30% of the VR market. With the Oculus Rift coming in second with 11%, and the HTV Vive trailing both Google and Samsung with 6%.

Alongside the report came the following handy little pie chart. Which does two things, highlight Sony as the market leader and remind us all that VR headsets and tech across all price ranges seems to be getting out of control.

Virtual Reality has been one of the biggest stories of the year, and should only continue to grow as prices come down in the future.

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Posted 03:09pm 06/12/16
Given that neither HTC or Oculus have given hard numbers, that report is basically made up. The Steam hardware survey has HTC and Oculus neck and neck, and the only reason to doubt that in favour of this data would be the (weird) situation where more than half of the Oculus base do not have Steam installed at all.

/r/oculus and /r/vive have been waiting for real numbers kind of ravenously so that they can tear each other apart.
Posted 06:34pm 06/12/16
Which one has eye tracking as a standard feature?
Posted 06:45pm 06/12/16
Considering the cost of them without eye tracking, I'm not sure anyone could afford an eye tracking version right now. Was hoping for a price drop coming up to christmas or something, still a bit too expensive for me to dip my toes in but if the Vive could come down to sub-$1000 prices I'd be more tempted.
Posted 07:10pm 06/12/16
Is this assuming that every single person with a PS4 will buy a PSVR headset?

Because if that's the case, it's a pretty misleading article.
Posted 07:42pm 06/12/16
Is this assuming that every single person with a PS4 will buy a PSVR headset?

Nah if that was the case the whole graph would be PSVR. Its currently speculated that there are a couple hundred thousand each of the Vive and the Rift in the wild.

Fact is that nobody in the space has published numbers and its all speculation presented as fact. They have MS at 1% total market share and they don't even have a commercial VR product, their Hololens is a dev item and isn't actually a VR headset.

Its a pretty stupid article all round and is just clickbaiting the various fanboys. Kind of surprised that its being presented here as though its solid data.

Its fully expected though that PSVR will sell more units than the Rift and the Vive, but that's a bit like comparing Camrys to Mercedes and saying Toyota is winning because they sell more.
Posted 04:14pm 07/12/16
Dear got that graph is horrendous. Part Chart? Check. Terrible colours?. Useless Legend? Redundant AND bad Labels? F***, from a consultancy firm too. Here:


Agreeing with Hogfather, this is really dumb. Look at the graph, why are software developers being compared to manufacturers/developers?
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