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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:18pm 23/11/16 | 14 Comments
In a forthcoming interview with us here at AusGamers, we posed a question to Microsoft's Phil Spencer who serves as, basically, the big boss of the Xbox side of the business. We asked him if seeing Nintendo properties on the Xbox platform was something the team could look at seriously, considering Mario and Pokemon are now on iOS and Nintendo has openly said they're looking into the mobile space for other opportunities.

And while we recognise the Xbox One isn't a "mobile platform", it shouldn't be scoffed at so easily, as Nintendo could very well be testing external platform waters. And hey, Microsoft and Nintendo have a very healthy relationship through Minecraft, so the question felt very valid to us.

"I’d love to see Mario on Xbox," Phil says enthusiastically. "As someone who’s been in this industry and played games forever, I’ll still say it: Nintendo has the strongest first-party of anybody. They’re just fantastic and the memories that they have instilled in so many of us, who’ve played their games and had those delightful experiences, having those on Xbox would be great. Obviously we have Minecraft on Nintendo and when that opportunity came up to work with them on Minecraft, you know, some people might look at it and say ‘why would you even do that?’, but with Nintendo, it’s been a great partnership on Minecraft. In fact they put Mario in Minecraft on Wii U with the mash-up skin pack. And continuing to work with them on that and building a stronger relationship... I mean if that paid dividends down the road that lead to something else, that would be fantastic. I know I get questions all the time on would I ever like to see Banjo in Super Smash Bros. and I’m, like, “yes, I would do that in a second”. And certain people think I’m saying that as some sort of PR answer and I’m, like, why wouldn’t you?

Anyway, I’m a big Nintendo fan and I think they’ve been incredibly important for the games industry, they do a great job with younger audiences, and if we ever had a chance to work with them in the future, I would absolutely do it."

The full interview feature with Phil Spencer as well as Aaron Greenberg will be up on AusGamers soon, so stay tuned.

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Latest Comments
Steve Farrelly
Posted 02:47pm 23/11/16
As excited as I am about Switch, I'd love to play select Nintendo franchises on Xbox One. I'd play Metroid Prime in any format on XB1 for millions of years, if possible
Posted 07:21pm 23/11/16
I would love to see Emma Watson in the bed next to me but I am not certain that will happen. That being said, having retro GB,GBA,NES, SNES games and stuff on Xbone would be a nice idea.
Posted 08:22pm 23/11/16
Are there any big Xbox exclusives any more ? It seems obvious that Microsoft would want to see an end to platform exclusivity (because it means they can have games on Windows and Xbox). Outside of Halo I can't recall any big name Xbox exclusives they could lead the way with though.
Posted 10:22pm 23/11/16
gears of war?
Posted 12:40pm 24/11/16
Interesting link here showing exclusive titles:

Only big one I can see is Dead Rising, Halo, Gears of War and Titan. Forza maybe? Most of those titles are microsoft made anyway. Titan is the only big third party exclusive in that list.
Posted 09:42pm 24/11/16
Oh yeh forgot about Gears & Forza. But yeh, seems like Microsoft could take the moral high ground here and stop doing exclusives. It'd be better for everyone if content was available more widely.
Posted 11:50pm 24/11/16
How cool is it to hear a high level boss enthusiastically talk about a competitor even if it is in a slightly different market :D
Posted 07:20am 25/11/16
exclusives are such a dumb idea.

"lets cut off a major percentage of our buying audience"
Posted 11:02am 25/11/16
not if you are trying to sell consoles
Posted 11:38am 25/11/16
Microsoft exclusives are no longer console exclusives tho.
Posted 04:37pm 25/11/16
They also make sense for the developer because they get bankrolled extra hard for being an exclusive. Also you don't have to develop/optimize for 3 different platforms.
Posted 02:07pm 29/11/16
i'd like to see more console only exclusives, just for the "pc master race" salty tears
Posted 07:58pm 30/11/16
not if you are trying to sell consoles
don't most consoles (outside of Nintendo) get sold at a loss anyway? The console is the vessel to sell more games. The more games you have, the more games you'll sell, right? It'd be interesting to run the numbers to try to project how their revenue would vary if there were no exclusives, based on current known base rates.
Posted 09:36am 01/12/16
yeah you are probably right, but exclusives create the niche that cause a lot of people to buy a certain console

if people haven't bought your console in the first place then they aren't going to buy the games are they

i know there are lots of people in the dark souls community bought ps4's just so they could play bloodborne because it was an exclusive, i am sure plenty of them have gone on to buy other games too
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