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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:08pm 26/09/16 | 4 Comments
With over $100 million raised through crowdfunding and a development cycle that is entering its fifth year, you can be sure that the story behind the hugely ambitious Star Citizen is as wide in scope as the game itself. Which, was originally due for release in 2014. With multiple studios working on a single-player story-driven campaign, multiplayer missions, social elements, robust dog-fighting, and a whole lot more, a new and rather extensive account of the Star Citizen story has popped up over at Kotaku.

In addition to anonymous sources that either worked on portions of the game or continue to work on its development, the piece also features numerous responses and accounts from project lead Chris Roberts. It's a fascinating read, and quite a lengthy one too, and really sells the prospect of Star Citizen as a project that is perhaps a little too ambitious. Without a doubt its had problems and hurdles over the years, which Chris Roberts attests to, but in creating something unlike anything we've seen before issues and roadblocks are to be expected.

Another thing was clear from conversations with Star Citizen’s current staff, people who have either survived these tumultuous years or were not there to experience them: they still believe that Star Citizen is possible, and they are working hard on it. But no game can be made on belief alone. As of right now, there is no Star Citizen. There are several different live demos, but they are just that: demos. There is no game.

At AusGamers we love a happy ending, so here's to a fully realised Star Citizen getting released in the year 20XX.

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Posted 05:33pm 26/9/16
Give me Squadron 42 and I'm happy. I've been left hanging for a good single player space flight sim since Free Space 2. I paid my $40 as soon as they announced a 20 hour single player campaign. I really have no interest in MMO's though.
Posted 07:33pm 26/9/16
Watched their weekly update vid covering first person camera stabilisation and weapons modelling, does look great.
Posted 12:21pm 27/9/16
fanboys fanboys watchya gonna do when they start posting
Posted 10:11am 02/10/16
Kotaku have been busy on the SC article bandwagon

They did a series of articles recently which gives a better over all picture
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