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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 02:25pm 22/08/16 | 5 Comments
With an impressive showing of the 3.0 alpha due later this year, it looks like Star Citizen is starting to come together. You've got space flight, landing on a planet, docking with a station, and then walking around to obtain missions. Yeah, real game stuff. And it all looks very impressive.

The star of the presentation, which clocks in at just under an hour of game-time, is the jaw dropping planetary landing. A vast, detailed, proceduraly generated landscape that you can jump out of your ship to run around in. And then hop back in to take off. One of the cool features is that the draw distance will be totally reliant on people's hardware, so if your rig can handle it you'll be able to look off into the horizon, marveling at the stunning detail. But exploring planets is one thing, and when you factor in the story driven content, the mix of man-made locations and objectives with generated landscapes make it feel like a living, breathing, sci-fi world.

Now, the question as to when all of this will be ready is anyone's guess. As currently the team is still focused on releasing the stand-alone single-player 'Squadron 42' campaign later this year.

Check it out.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:37pm 23/8/16
Holy s***!
Posted 06:55pm 23/8/16
I wouldn't call the landscape "detailed". The landscape in the video is a bald, grey, low-res elevation model with no vegetation or features.
Posted 09:08pm 23/8/16
That does look pretty sweet, maybe it will turn out after all!
Posted 11:24pm 23/8/16
That does look pretty sweet, maybe it will turn out after all!

Yep I agree, I really do hope the game can have all the entities and assets in play and make these places and worlds literally team with life. NPC and players alike. I watched a very interesting tech demo of the server technology the devs for Dual Universe are refining, it looks amazingly effective if they can pull it off. Literally thousands of players all in the same location all in the same game instance.

Dual Universe server tech demo Remarkable stuff if they can pull it off in real world testing.

If SC can do the same thing, with as many numbered assets, it will be my Nirvana. A space, combat, MMORPG sim to simply die for.
Posted 02:18am 25/8/16
Echo those thoughts. Some of that is pretty amazing, potentially epic.
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