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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:48pm 17/08/16 | 3 Comments
With Gamescom about to kick off Blizzard has handed out a quick guide as to what the developer plans to showcase during the event. Taken at face value the biggest unveiling looks to be a new German-themed map for Overwatch, called Eichenwalde, that will be playable at the show. But perhaps the big reveal might be Diablo-based, with Blizzard stating that "attendees will be able to play all three Diablo games at the Blizzard booth."

Okay, sure that probably means just that. But perhaps we'll get a glimpse at Diablo 4. Or a HD-remake of Diablo I and II. Or some new Diablo III content headed our way this year. Anyway 20 years is a pretty big milestone for the franchise and our fingers are crossed that there's more to it than a simple celebration.

Right, onto what we do know.

In addition to the new Overwatch map, at 2.00am AEST on 19 August the latest cinematic short for Overwatch, called "The Last Bastion", will debut. And if its anything like the other animated shorts, well, we're all in for a treat.

Here's the teaser trailer for the new map, Eichenwalde.

Heroes of the Storm is also expected to have a big presence at the show with the new Machines of War event being playable. Which introduces a number of StarCraft themed elements to the MOBA. Plus, the debut of Overwatch’s Zarya as a new ranged warrior.

And speaking of StarCraft, the excellent co-op mode in StarCraft II is getting a new commander in the form of Tal'darim Highlord Alarak.

Plus, more World of Warcraft: Legion and Hearthstone than you can shake a stick at. They'll be streaming a whole bunch from the show, so be sure to tune in to to get your Bizzard fix.

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Posted 03:56pm 17/8/16
Teaser trailer for the map, looks pretty sweet, like a hybrid map that starts with a payload escort, then you actually use the payload to bust your way into the last point and capture it.

And for the lore fans, its the site of one of the last, defining battles in the Omnic Crisis in Germany, and the forest around the castle is the forest that Bastion is in in his video

Posted 04:00pm 17/8/16
Cheers Khel, added the video to the main post.
Posted 10:25pm 17/8/16
Blizzard releasing a major WOW version/Expansion now, while the 1st season of Overwatch is flapping like a flathead with a hook in its mouth.

And the new WOW patch is missing heaps of voice overs. It's an incomplete product ... by Blizzard standards it's not even a beta.

Not sure anyone is controlling the beast.
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