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There are two types of people in this world, those that played Sim Tower and loved it, and those that well, didn't. Project Highrise, a new game from SomaSim and Kasedo Games looks to pick up where Sim Tower left off to provide players a deep tower building sim. Of the skyscraper variety. A new teaser trailer for the project highlights a visual sensibility that is reminiscent of the Maxis classic, which should put its upcoming Summer (U.S) release on the just about everyone's radar.

Okay, so this may not look as exciting as a sci-fi themed shooter where the protagonist has to fight off a mysterious alien race of robot assassins on the surface of a distant alien planet, but hey. Few games do. If you're looking for a sim to scratch that builing itch, or simply after a break from Cities Skylines, then you might want to keep an eye on the Project Highrise Steam page.

In this deep and multi-faceted management sim, you will create a vertical ecosystem from a wide variety of units, including offices, retail outlets, restaurants, bars and many more. Your Highrise must become the go-to destination in the city for corporate activities, shopping and socialising or face financially uncertainty and an almost certain tenant exodus.

Keep your tenants happy, and your skyscraper will thrive, but fail them and they will be sure to let you know what they think. Rent too high? Too much noise? Bad smells from neighbouring units? Poor transport links? You must balance it all if you are to be a success.

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