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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 03:10pm 04/03/16 | 3 Comments
So turns out that Far Cry Primal's map was based on Far Cry 4's, right down to the river layout and paths. Which kind of makes the game seem more like a total conversion than separate entity. The fact that it took fans to reveal this information, rather than Ubisoft being upfront is a little surprising. As is the fact that the Himalayas have the same geographic make-up as ancient Europe. Click through to see a comparison.

The following images are courtesy of Game Pressure. As you can see the similarities are pretty striking, and Game Pressure notes that where one would find bridges in Far Cry 4, in Primal you'll find water fords, and other natural crossings.

Far Cry 4 Map

Far Cry Primal Map

The question though is if this really fundamentally changes one's enjoyment of the game.

far cry primalfar cry 4map

Latest Comments
Posted 03:34pm 04/3/16
Gee what a surprise.
Posted 04:54pm 04/3/16
See, if they just came out at the start and pretended like it was caveman era version of the same place that Far Cry 4 takes place in, that'd actually be pretty cool and make for a cool link to the series. By pretending its a different place though and just trying to sneakily reuse the same base map, it just comes off feeling cheap instead.
Posted 09:57pm 04/3/16
Haha awesome. Well I count myself very lucky I never got on to fc4 after thinking it would be too similar likes fc2 and 3.
Now I get to play fc4 primal and get the full new car experience.
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