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Post by KostaAndreadis @ 04:10pm 23/02/16 | 11 Comments
With the total number apparently setting a record for the most people to ever take part in an open beta for a new-IP on current-gen platforms. Phew! And even though that mouthful may sound a little on the 'trying to make it sound more popular than it is' side, when you factor in that the number is 6.4 million people, The Division is certainly already very popular. And will most likely be the game to play next month.

As for some numbers, the average amount of time spent with the game was 5 hours, with at least two of those spent in the specialised PvP 'Dark Zones'. And with 6.4 million people that equates to over 60 million items extracted out of the Dark Zone. That's a lot of loot.

The Division is out March 8 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:50pm 23/2/16
I tried the beta and thought it was pretty boring.
Posted 07:52pm 23/2/16
I tried the beta and thought it was pretty boring.

Posted 08:06pm 23/2/16
I tried the beta and thought it was pretty fun
Posted 09:04pm 23/2/16
I'm so torn... With an Aussie server and the game being XFire enabled it would be worth an immediate buy imo.

However, it ran like s***, constant stuttering and low framerate overall on my system regardless of XFire being on or off, though off was a bit better) and I'm not sure if they're going to actually fix it or not.

Then the other part of me is like "but if you miss the launch train, it won't be anywhere near as fun"...

Posted 10:05pm 23/2/16
lol. guys I love this game but it runs like s*** but I don't wanna be uncool.
Posted 10:53pm 23/2/16
I tried the beta and thought it was pretty boring.
I tried the beta and thought it was pretty fun

I tried the beta and thought it was just right
Posted 01:37am 24/2/16
Tried to play beta, didn't work, said something about about uplay being a failure. I take this as a warning sign that the game is not worth my time these days and move on.
Posted 02:07am 24/2/16
I didn't try the beta and have no strong feelings on way or the other.
Posted 11:36am 24/2/16
I have strong feelings.
Posted 12:36pm 24/2/16
tried the beta and found it doesnt have much to keep you invested in playing

better than battlefront but will have a short lifespan
Posted 01:44pm 24/2/16
The investment comes from the mmo/rpg side of it though, which was barely present in the beta, so its hard to tell really how long its tail will be. Is there some equivalent of high level endgame raiding? I don't even know
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