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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:07pm 22/02/16 | 6 Comments
Capcom has officially addressed the connectivity and server issues surrounding Street Fighter V since its launch, and has also reassured players new ongoing content will be earnable for free, with no additional costs involved after complete purchase of the vanilla game.

Here's the official update from Capcom:
We would like to reassure players that the issues that some consumers have been experiencing since the Street Fighter V launch earlier this week are being addressed. We are making on-going improvements to stabilize the servers so that online connectivity problems and log-in errors that people are facing will no longer occur. We’re happy to report today that most of the issues that have been reported have now been resolved. A full break down of what has been fixed to date is available here -

We would like to assure players that we will be continually monitoring around the clock for on-going gameplay issues and player feedback. Players can check the official Twitter @SFVServer for regular updates on any functionality issues they might be experiencing, including any further server errors or if we have to initiate any down time.

Additional Street Fighter V content will be added throughout 2016, with the first update coming in March. We would like to assure players that the initial purchase you make for Street Fighter V is definitely the only one you need to make to ensure you have the latest version of the game, as content including the additional characters is earnable for free and the Cinematic Story Expansion, for those of you who want an in-depth single player story mode experience, will be added into the game for free in June. There will be no Super, Ultra, Hyper or Turbo editions of the game. Street Fighter V is it.

The in-game store will open in March and rest assured all players who have been earning Fight Money from Day 1 will then be able to cash that in for additional content. If you have completed all the single player content available at launch you will have enough Fight Money to receive the 17th character – Alex, for totally free. As there is no day 1 DLC for Street Fighter V, the in-game store won’t be going live until the first update and Daily challenges will then also be available for players to complete.

Right now players are only able to invite one friend to play via the Battle Lounge. In March that will be updated so that players can expand their friend list. This decision was made so that servers are not put under further strain in the initial launch period.

We hope that fans will continue to enjoy Street Fighter V throughout the year as more and more content is added to the service.
How has your Street Fighter V experience been? Can you see yourself being patient and waiting for this to be righted?

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Latest Comments
The GuVna
Posted 04:03pm 22/2/16
While yes it has been a rocky start, and is limited with it's single player content so far (more content set for March), the actual core of the game and its playability is really really fun. The best thing about the game is how its gone back to the fundamentals of what makes a fighting game fun and competitive, so you don't need to be a hardcore fighting game player to play.
Posted 06:46pm 22/2/16
I'm unhappy with the lack of a basic arcade mode and native support for my joystick. Other stuff I can live without but both of these should be present in a retail release in my mind.
Posted 11:21pm 22/2/16
Weird that they neglected having an arcade mode, but then threw in a 'story mode'. You'd think something like Arcade Mode would be where you'd start, then things like a story mode would be the extras that come later, seems all back to front.
Posted 09:18am 23/2/16
Game is great as it is. Super fun.

I can live with without ever seeing arcade mode again because it's such a non thing, especially if they do a good job with the coming story mode.

The game does have native controller support... for xinput pads, not dinput pads. So stupidly and hilariously PS3/4 fight sticks wont work on the pc despite the game being Sony console exclusive. One of those weird quirks of developing using unreal engine I think. On the bright side xpadder, joy to key and x360ce are all easy enough to set up.

The load times/ time to find & get into a match is probably the biggest detractor to the game for me.
Posted 11:29am 23/2/16
If arcade mode was such a non thing there wouldn't be such an outcry about it. This initial release seems firmly targeted at competitive players, but for a lot of people who aren't into playing competitively, especially ones who have fond memories of the streetfighter 2 days, arcade mode IS streetfighter. I would have thought they'd be riding that nostalgia wave hard, cos that's what is going to pay the bills.
Posted 12:51pm 23/2/16
Not trying to portray my opinion as fact or even general consensus. Arcade mode is non thing to me, not necessarily everyone. The only reason I play arcade mode is when I want to see the character's story. So I think story mode is much more interesting, I hope it lives up to the standard set by mortal kombat (though I think it probably wont).

And you're right about it needing to be there to pay the bills. Its unfortunate because there are casual players who want to play online but they aren't being mentioned anywhere (the game in its current state, I think, is fine for them) and they may be scared off by this. It seems everyone thinks either; your a casual who only wants single player content or a hardcore EVO attendee.

I think this is going to be a weird space for street fighter in the coming year. The game has generally been praised by critics for its technical shine. It has been panned on steam by users and has a metacritic score somewhere between those two ends. Despite all that the game has broken the record for most ever EVO player registrations. So there seems to be enough interest in the game to keep pushing it forward.
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